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Fresh-Faced Look

No Makeup Needed

To obtain that effortless makeup look, start with fresh and vibrant skin, then dab on a bit of blush to your cheeks and smudge some eyeliner for an off-handed finish. There is something about having a worn-in vibe that always looks attractive!

To achieve the ultimate badass aesthetic but still be able to get out quickly in the morning, use quality skincare products complemented by subtle touches of color around your face. This will transform your appearance into something truly special.

This simple, sculpting, ultra-hydrating skincare routine requires just minutes of your time and will leave you with a complexion that looks as if it’s been artfully massaged. It feels amazing (have you ever experienced the wonders of a pocket-size facial massage device? ), plus, who doesn’t want to look like their most vibrant and well-rested selves?

1. Moisturizer Is Essential

Regardless of your skin type – whether dry, combination or even oily and prone to breakouts – you deserve the nourishment that moisturizing can provide. Look for a clean product with an easy-to-absorb cream texture that will pamper your skin from within!

Nourish your skin with this organic seaberry fruit oil moisturizer, which contains over 50 phytonutrients that will boost the radiance of your complexion. For best results, smooth it on and let it sit for a minute to allow its powerful nutrients to sink into your skin and take effect—go ahead and pick out an outfit or brush your teeth while you wait!

2. Enhance the Appearance of a Restful Night’s Sleep with Eye Cream

The most frequently voiced concern I hear is about the under-eye area. The eye cream has a vital role in this problem; it should be lightweight enough to ensure that makeup can go on smoothly and effortlessly. This eye cream is ideal for me; I love how it feels on my skin! The quality of this product is outstanding.

This morning, I dabbed a small amount of the product directly on my undereyes and used my index finger to massage it in for an even application. It blended so nicely with the skin that it left me looking radiant. The tube packaging grants you complete control over how much product is dispensed—all it takes is just one tiny dot! What’s more, this eye cream has a faint organic scent, unlike many other products out there, which are often perfumed and could be sensitizing to some people.

3. The Perfect Combination: Mask + Massage

I typically don’t wear makeup unless I have a few moments to do the golden bar routine. This special bar utilizes gentle vibrations to temporarily elevate skin tone and contour the jawline.

To achieve the lifting effect, lightly draw the vibrating bar over your face with upward strokes, the opposite of gravity. Starting from your jowls, move diagonally upwards towards your ear and temples for contouring. It’s also a great tool for reducing puffiness under the eyes—just put on an eye mask first, then use it! The results are immediate—you’ll be sure to notice them right away!

Not only does it help reduce facial tension, but it feels incredibly good during use. To maximize the feel-good factor, try using a face cream with your bar. Combining moisturizer and oil creates just enough slip and slide to make sure that the bar doesn’t move too quickly over skin without capturing anything in its tracks—an effect not achievable when you solely rely on oils alone!

Not only is the gold bar perfect for tech neck, but any sort of massage can help to invigorate your skin. Take a few minutes and use your fingers or the bar to trace up and down each side of your neck in order to truly benefit from massage. This activity not only helps with neck pain, but it will also awaken tired skin!

4. Berry Shades Are Ultra-Flattering

Adding subtle hints of color to your lids and cheeks can give you a stunning, radiant glow without looking overly made up. You don’t need to be precise when applying the pigment – just dip your finger in the pot and tap it lightly onto your skin. People usually don’t think about using berry shades on their eyes, but trust us, it works beautifully! Apply some over your lips and cheeks as well for an effortless-looking sheen that will make you look youthful and glowing all day long.

5. For the Most Beautiful Look, Use Liner With a Live-in Finish

When I have an extra ounce of motivation, my go-to is light brown eyeliner. Across the upper and lower lash lines, it creates a subtle kohl that brings life to my face when gently smudged along the bottom line. The result? An effortless lived-in look; something I continually come back to!

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