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I’m a massive fan of fresh, citrusy scents. I have previously used grapefruit and lemon essential oils but would appreciate something more refined that fits within the clean and non-toxic market. Are there any such products out there?

An aroma of citrus from a Portofino lemon grove, enhanced by the salinity of the ocean, and subtle notes of tea and herbal plants—this scent is my favorite. I can find many conventional iterations that transport me to an elegant aristocrat’s dock surrounded by bougainvillea trees as if waiting for their speedboat like in The Talented Mr. Ripley or To Catch a Thief.

When I opened up this bottle of oil and added it to my bath, the natural ingredients such as spruce, lavender, lime, and geranium promised a typical result from clean body oils—that is until they surpassed all expectations! It’s quite remarkable how something so simple can be reinvented in such an extraordinary way.

But then I remembered that custom-made fragrances come from a magical process. When I re-entered the room, the air held an attractive scent of freshness and cleanliness that was almost sharp—something that made me go weak in my knees!

I couldn’t bear to let the aromatic steam dissipate, so I decided to reserve a bit of it for myself. Now, every morning I place a few drops on my wrists—the ultimate day perfume that is both revitalizing and calming. But nothing beats an actual bath in this blissful elixir; you only need such minimal amounts! It’s almost miraculous how deeply comforting yet energizing one can feel after just soaking in it for a little while.

Surprisingly, what began as an endeavor by a passionate German winemaker was the source behind the creation of this oil in 1931. An admirer of trips to Baden-Baden spa who longed for its discontinued essential oil blend, he experimented at his former monastery estate on Rhine until finally achieving success. Acolytes then followed suit, and during World War II, it went underground, with the formula buried in a monastic garden, before resurfacing little by little over time.

Olverum, derived from the Latin phrase “oleo verum” meaning “true oil,” is so much more than just oil; it’s truly glamorous!

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