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Get Your Skin Ready for the Cold Season

8 Essential Tips for Winter Skin 

Don’t let the dry winter air throw even your most balanced, well-maintained skin off its game. Dehydrated skin often results in dullness and flaking, so get ahead of it by making a couple simple preparations. With only a few small steps you can help protect your skin from the winter chill and keep it looking vibrant all season long.

Exfoliate Frequently 

An accumulation of dead skin cells can not only make your complexion lackluster but also block follicles, triggering congestion and pimples. Yet these remnants don’t just affect the appearance; they hinder the efficacy of skincare products too! To combat this problem, exfoliate your face 1-3 times a week to keep it clean and clear while enabling deeper penetration of serum or moisturizer – especially vital during cold winter months when moisture is so necessary for healthy skin.

Use a Powerful Moisturizer 

When winter comes, the drier air can take a toll on your skin. To stay healthy and hydrated during this time, switch to a richer and thicker moisturizer than usual. Below are some of our most-loved winter moisturizers ranging from light to heavy:

Layer Moisturizing Products 

During the winter, our skin is easily stripped of its hydration due to low humidity levels. The lack of moisture can cause an array of painful issues such as dryness, redness and acne breakouts. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate a hydrator into your everyday skincare routine in order to maintain healthy looking skin all season long. 

100% Pure Bakuchiol Oil Serum is a lightweight alternative to heavy moisturizers that boast the ability to penetrate deep into your skin. To optimize hydration, use 3-4 drops prior to applying any cream or lotion onto your face.

Bring your dry skin back to life with BYBI Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spray. This mist instantly hydrates, refreshes and revives both your complexion and makeup for a long lasting glow.

Lip Protection 

Start your day off right with a light layer of lip balm after brushing your teeth. Let the moisture soak in before you put on makeup, so that you can enjoy soft lips regardless of what type of formula you use! Before turning in for the night, make sure to generously coat your pout with an intensely nourishing lip balm – this will keep them hydrated overnight and leave them feeling great come morning.


Sunscreen is an essential all year round, even when the temperature drops. With today’s existing wide variety of sunscreen options that are tailored to fit your skin needs, protecting yourself from harsh UV rays should be a daily habit! 

Cool Down 

Although it may be alluring to turn up the temperature for a hot shower, this will only aggravate your dry skin conditions. Reduce time spent in steaming water and dedicate more attention to ways of rehydrating your complexion instead. Investing in a humidifier is an excellent way to regain that luster.

Keep it Simple 

When the seasons shift, sensitive skin can often become irritated. To nurture your complexion during this time of year, search for products that are labeled as “gentle” or “sensitive.” Aloe and Cucumber provide calming anti-inflammatory effects to the skin, so be sure to look out for these ingredients on labels.

If your skin is suffering from an outbreak, don’t add too many new products to your daily routine all at once. Many acne treatments contain ingredients that can be extra drying in the colder months (think: Benzoyl Peroxide) – so as difficult as it may be, try not to completely switch up your skincare lineup. We suggest adding one product gradually and seeing how it affects your skin before moving forward with more changes.

See a Skincare Professional 

As the winter season comes, chemical exfoliation treatments are especially beneficial due to reduced sun exposure. Utilize your skincare professional for tailored advice on what treatments best suit you and your skin concerns. Furthermore, get personal product recommendations from a trusted esthetician so that you can change up your routine in preparation for the cold weather!

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