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Have You Tried the Aztec Clay Mask?

How the fan-favorite Aztec Clay Mask fights acne and replenishes your skin

Sure, we all love to get our nourishment from the earth. But we’re not talking about botanicals here. We’re talking dirty.

Could it be possible to deeply cleanse skin with the Aztec Clay Mask? The short answer is: Yes, the Aztec Clay Mask really works – but let’s jump right into the why and how.

What Is the Aztec Clay Mask All About?

It’s become one of the top reviewed, least expensive skin care products currently making a buzz. Also called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, the Aztec Clay Mask comes in a pound tub for just under $10. That’s a lot of mud!

The Aztec Clay Mask is made of bentonite clay, a not-so-secret ingredient found in a wide range of skin care products like facial cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens. The difference is that this is pure clay for that cucumbers-on-the-eyelids facial experience.

What Is Bentonite Clay?

People have been using clay for skin care for centuries. Some even eat small amounts of it to cure gastrointestinal upset (which we’re not recommending!).

Bentonite clay comes from the southwest, found in huge deposits in Wyoming and surrounding states. It’s a sedimentary mixture of aged volcanic ash and calcium. It’s fine and soft texture is gentle on the skin, and it’s highly absorbent.

Bentonite clay has become a staple in DIY face masks for acne.

Key Benefits of the Aztec Clay Mask

So does it really work? We think so – 26,000 testimonials on Amazon can’t be wrong! But if other people’s opinions don’t convince you (you smart cookie), let’s back up the alleged benefits with some science.

Antibacterial for Acne-Prone Skin

Studies show that bentonite clay may be a suitable substitute for antibiotics with regard to topical ailments such as acne, bug bites, poison ivy, and minor skin infections. The review suggests that bentonite clay could be particularly promising for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

In other words, if you’re suffering from stubborn acne that no other acne remedy seems to touch, you may find a miracle solution in the Aztec Clay Mask.

Absorbent for Oily Skin

Bentonite clay is extremely absorbent, even after you add water or apple cider vinegar. The Aztec Clay Mask draws oil from deep within your pores while nourishing your skin with magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

If you have oily skin, you may have been caught up in the vicious cycle of drying it out with alcohol-based products only to see the oil return two-fold. Skip the run around. Bentonite clay removes oil without overdrying your skin.

“The Healing Clay” for Irritated Skin

Another of its nicknames, bentonite clay is called the healing clay for good reason. It’s gentle on rashes, psoriasis, eczema, and even diaper rash. Anti-inflammatory and soothing, you’ll find comfort in the mud.

Detoxifying for All Skin Types

Everyday, you are unknowingly exposed to trace amounts of copper, lead, and other metals. Pollution and free radicals take their toll, causing skin to age faster.

Bentonite clay has been shown to absorb heavy metals and free radicals, cleansing your body from toxic build up. That’s because it has a positive ionic charge. In fact, this charge is so strong, it literally destroys toxins with a negative, or anionic, charge at the cellular level.

Gentle Exfoliation for All Skin Types

Because it’s made of ultra-fine sedimentary rock, the Aztec Clay Mask gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells which can cause acne. After application, your skin will feel incredibly smooth.

Dry or Aging Skin: Use Caution

Because the Aztec Clay Mask is so absorbent, it may cause excessive drying. If you already have dry skin or are looking to slow the aging process, use the Aztec Clay Mask with caution.

We recommend that you patch test the product first. Apply the clay to forearm skin or the back of your knee and see if your skin becomes dry, flaky, or rough.

If all goes well and you decide you want to try the Aztec Clay Mask, be sure to moisturize after use, especially before bed.

How to Mix the Aztec Clay Mask: Water or ACV?

Bentonite clay is very alkaline, with a pH of around 9. Skin on the other hand tends to have a pH of around 5, which is considered mildly acidic. The acidity of your skin is supposed to protect you from breakouts.

So while bentonite clay mixed with water is deeply cleansing due to its ionic charge, it can alter the pH of your skin, making it less acidic. That’s where apple cider vinegar comes in; apple cider vinegar has a pH of about 2 or 3.

If you buy apple cider vinegar with the mother, you not only get a more acidic clay blend, you also get loads of proteins, enzymes, and probiotics. It has also been suggested for use on eczema.

Products Similar to the Aztec Clay Mask

Do you love the idea of using clay, but dislike the idea of a mud mask? Check out these cleansing products that have all the benefits of the Aztec Clay Mask with none of the mess.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser

Cruelty-free, vegan

First Aid Beauty is serving up a red clay cleanser suitable for all skin types. Red clay, like bentonite clay, pulls oil and debris from deep within your pores to reduce acne. For those of us with dry, irritated skin, FAB has added bisabolol and glycerin to soothe inflammation and lock in hydration.

Probiotic Action Lavender Bentonite Clay Cleanser

Cruelty-free, vegan, organic

With a light lavender fragrance from organic lavender essential oil, this bentonite clay cleanser offers the same deep clean you’d expect from clay without excessive dryness. Lavender calms inflamed skin while a blend of organic soap and bentonite clay wash away impurities.

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