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How Can I Keep My Skin Looking Younger?

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If you want to stay young and vibrant for the long term, what steps should you take in your twenties?

As we age, there is something quite extraordinary about being able to realize that you are still attractive despite any flaws you may have. Although it’s an unfortunate trick of nature for us not to be aware when our skin looks amazing, by taking the necessary steps like avoiding smoking and applying sunblock, we can enjoy looking younger!

Despite breakouts, youthfulness is often reflected in your skin’s glow. You may have been told to start using eye cream as soon as you hit 23, but don’t be fooled by the marketing! If you feel or look dry, use a moisturizer; however, if you’re hoping to retain that youthful appearance in 20 years’ time, sunscreen should be your top priority.

Sunblock is a crucial component of any skincare routine, and Green Tea SPF 30 offers all the benefits without the drawbacks. It won’t break down in sunlight like chemical sunscreens, so you can trust that it will be there to protect your skin throughout the day.

Additionally, its natural ingredients are much less likely to cause irritation or blemishes than other chemical options on the market. Not only does this non-chemical sunscreen provide superior protection for your skin, but it also glides onto your face effortlessly!

Taking a writing course at the University of New Mexico was an eye-opening experience, as there were students spanning all age groups. Although Albuquerque is known for its dry, sunny climate and high altitude level of 5,000 feet above sea level, making sunscreen a must, something else became apparent to me: tobacco smoking had an undeniable effect on skin complexion. The people who smoked looked like their faces had shriveled up in comparison to those non-smokers! Therefore, if you haven’t already stopped smoking, now is your time!

A nutritious, low-sugar, and meat-rich diet can assist in reducing inflammation, as can staying active; there is no other activity that rivals exercise for improving blood circulation (which contributes greatly to a healthy, radiant glow).

Take advantage of your youth by selecting a reliable sunblock and savoring every moment—it only comes around once.

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