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Incorporate Fish Oil and Vitamin C Into Your Lifestyle

Supercharge Your Mornings

As a morning person, I am most productive when assignments are completed in the early hours of the day. However, even if tasks arrive late in the afternoon, they will still get done by sunrise!

My favorite meal without fail is breakfast, and this summer I had an especially delicious grain bowl at Surfrider in Malibu; it was loaded with vegetables, eggs, and fermented ingredients that all combined to create pure culinary perfection. I would enjoy eating variations of this dish all day long!

I’m a fan of coffee because it has the potential to enhance both my mental and physical performance, and contains beneficial antioxidants. I decided to mix in ashwagandha powder – which surprisingly improved some symptoms for me.

Many have remarked that its taste is very acrid; fortunately, the flavor of coffee can mask this quite effectively! With any breakfast dish I prepare, there are certain vitamins and minerals that accompany it, most notably fish oil and vitamin D3.

Do you find yourself often staring out of glass windows or at digital screens, yearning for your moment to bask in the sunlight? If so, I have news for you. Stanford professor and renowned podcaster Drs has taught me that getting authentic outdoor exposure can be a game-changer when it comes to sleep quality—all you need is 5–10 minutes of morning light (depending on how intense it is)!

Believe me when I say this works wonders—in addition to better restful nights, some valuable vitamin D also comes with these moments outdoors—especially living here in New York City where we get extra help from taking supplements like vitamin D3!

I start my day with a refreshing glass of water infused with lemon. This seemingly simple mixture is an alkalizing agent for the urine, which has been widely reported to have numerous health benefits. Not only did I discover this tip from chic French women, but even more surprisingly, in a lecture given by a dermatologist at the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting!

By showering every other day, I’m able to optimize the full potential of my dry brushing routine.

I don’t begin my morning by cleansing; instead, I start with vitamin C on my skin. This particular serum is the cream of the crop: it’s lightweight and fortified to help firm your complexion while boosting collagen production and hydrating with aloe for a blissfully soothing feel. Plus, as an added bonus, this formula helps even out your skin tone!

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens and evens out skin tone, leaving you with a noticeably healthy, radiant-looking complexion. This particular formula contains preservatives to help keep it effective longer than other products on the market, and it certainly delivers! Your skin will look impossibly glowy – healthier than ever before.

After waiting five minutes, I love to slather on my favorite face oil. In fact, I simply can’t get enough of it! This brief pause allows the vitamin C serum time to fully absorb before going in with the oil; otherwise, its effectiveness could be reduced from being mixed together too quickly. Depending upon how my skin looks and feels each day, I switch between various oils and also reapply regularly for a refreshing boost!

The Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer is my preferred face treatment of choice at night, due to its abundance of active ingredients. However, on days when I need an extra boost in hydration and calming sensations, I’ll apply it in the morning too! This soothing moisturizer contains aloe vera for essential moisture replenishment and peppermint oil to cool inflamed skin. Additionally, the powerhouse ingredient tea tree oil offers antibacterial properties that help keep your complexion balanced.

A Beauty Obsession: My Favorite Face Oils

Following five minutes of the face oil, I apply a mineral-based (never chemical) SPF. Some skin experts may advise you to place your sunscreen on first; however, my personal preference is to initially use vitamin C and then follow with oil prior to applying the sunscreen.

Luxuriate in this silky, ultra-hydrating SPF 20 mineral sunscreen that blends so perfectly with your skin it’s hard to believe. Infused with nourishing vitamins and feeling like a refreshing serum on your face while providing protection from the sun, you’ll be left with radiantly smooth and hydrated skin!

When I pull off my morning yoga practice, there’s no need for makeup—exercise can do wonders for the skin! In fact, a renowned celebrity makeup artist was astonished to discover that after one of my Jivamukti classes, I hadn’t had any professional help at all. It demonstrates how effective mind-blowing and ass-kicking yoga sessions are at bringing life back into our complexions.

The most tedious part of my morning is selecting what to wear. If I were a billionaire, instead of hiring a stylist, I would have someone who could decide on the best outfit for each day based on the weather and other activities that need to be done.

My time-saving measures by skipping blow-drying my hair have been extraordinary—thanks, Sally Hershberger! Nevertheless, it’s discouraging knowing how much time has slipped away from me as I aimlessly stand in front of the mirror with half-dressed clothing, trying to figure out which piece should go together or not.

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