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Is It True That My Skin Gets Used To Products?

Should I Change The Products Of My Skincare So My Skin Doesn’t Get Used To Them?

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Are you feeling like the flame in your relationship has dwindled? That’s called a plateau, and it is an all too common situation. But do we ever experience something similar regarding our skincare routine? Here’s what to look out for when things start to stagnate – and how to reignite that spark!

Struggling to get that radiant glow you once had using your beloved beauty products? Don’t worry about replacing every item in your vanity just yet – read on for the solution.

What’s the latest news?

Your skin won’t necessarily “get used to” skincare products, but that’s okay! This means you don’t need to buy an entirely new routine. But now the real mystery – why isn’t your skincare working like it used to? Here are three potential explanations of why your outer layer is no longer making progress:

1. An Inside Look and An Outside Perspective

You may have never realized that there are a plethora of intricacies influencing your skin, from the changing of seasons to hormone fluctuations and even sebum production. Not only this, but certain dietary habits or lifestyle choices you make can substantially impact how your products perform when applied. Who could’ve guessed this?

2. The Laborious Task is FINISHED!

100% PURE’s treatment products contain active ingredients specifically designed to nourish and replenish your skin’s nutrients, allowing it to achieve a happy, balanced state. It can help normalize the life cycle of your skin while providing essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in other areas. With these powerful additions, you’ll discover an improved complexion with visible results!

Our body is ingenious at regulating and preserving itself. When we are low in Vitamin C, supplements can help our bodies to return to equilibrium. However, if we over-supplement Vitamin C, the majority of it will be purged away as there is no need for our body to store excess amounts. The same applies to AHAs!

Their mission is to facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and encourage your skin to go above and beyond what it’s already capable of. It’s like someone pushing you to do 10 push-ups every day when your max was 5 before – if you stick with this regimen, you’ll see a remarkable difference right away!

Vitamin C and AHAs are meant to provide an additional boost for your skin, but shouldn’t be depended upon in the long run. The objective is ultimately to have your body and skin self-maintain without relying on external aid (except if you’re experiencing accelerated aging or chronic inflammation). This could likely explain why drastic changes aren’t being noticed anymore.

3. Something New Is Different From Something Old

A fresh Vitamin C Serum is profoundly more effective than one that has been on your shelf for six months. Once a product opens, its integrity and effectiveness will begin to diminish – especially if it contains active or natural ingredients, which may be vulnerable to air and UV exposure. Imagine an unopened carton of almond milk; while it will last longer sealed shut, once opened you should keep it in the fridge and consume it quickly!


While your skin may never get used to certain products, it can become accustomed to harsher ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol. That’s why many dermatologists suggest starting off with low doses of an exfoliant before increasing the potency bit by bit in order to dodge potential irritation from occurring. Retinol PM Treatments from 100% PURE is specifically designed for this purpose—it contains 5.25% glycolic acid, which makes it mild enough for beginners just beginning their skincare journey!

Keep the Fire Burning

We recommend sticking with your Core Series products (cleanser, moisturizer and SPF) to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. However, always be sensitive to your skin’s needs and make changes in the additional items you use based on what it tells you! It can certainly be fun to switch things up from time to time when searching for a serum or toner that works best for you (if needed).

As you age, your skin may not appear to improve as quickly as it used to. That’s why the ideal skincare product is one that safeguards and preserves your skin health for its optimal functioning! Utilize a skincare regimen that works with rather than against your facial complexion.

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