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Is There A Specific Skincare For In-flight?

7 Tips For In-flight Skincare 

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Welcome to the ultimate in-flight skincare journey! We can all relate to how taxing travel can be, and unfortunately, our skin will show its toll. Here are a few tricks that’ll help you maintain your luminous glow for those envy-worthy vacation pics:


Take the knowledge your skin has gathered and bring it with you on your travels! Venturing out can be a depleting process, so don’t risk introducing different skincare items that may not agree with you. Fill travel containers up with products that are familiar to your complexion, providing consistent nourishment as you traverse new places!


Crafting your own makeup wipes is the best way to avoid preservatives and safeguard your skin. All you have to do is fill a ziploc bag with fresh, new cotton pads and douse them in cleansing water that works for you, like the Rose Water Gel Cleanser from 100% PURE! This money-saving approach will give you an invigorating cleanse before applying cosmetics, while also maximizing space in your suitcase.


It’s whispered that the water in airplane bathrooms isn’t the most hygienic, so if you plan on cleansing your skin during flight time, be sure to use drinking water instead! An effective and mess-free way of doing this is to pour some into a dry cotton pad. Then simply wipe away any leftover makeup or residue from your face cleaning – no stress at all! A bonus tip for keeping your body healthy and radiant while flying: drink plenty of extra H2O throughout the journey.


To combat the dehydrating effects of airplane air on our skin, we should start hydrating from within. One great way to achieve this is with a DIY skin mask – just soak some cotton pads in your go-to hydrating toner or essence and leave them on while you travel! Just make sure that there are no drying ingredients inside what you’re using so as not to worsen any dehydration.


To maintain a healthy complexion during your travels, add facial oil to your standard skincare regimen. Facial oils are efficient in preventing dehydration and avoiding the dryness that dehydrated cabin air can cause. With this easy step, you will keep your skin looking beautiful on every journey!


Have you ever seen people sheet masking on flights? This can be helpful, however, the hydration doesn’t usually last more than 20 minutes. Instead of relying solely on sheet masks, apply a generous amount of sleeping masks to your skin and witness how much better it is at locking in moisture. The benefits are immense; from providing nourishment, protection against water loss, and keeping your skin incredibly hydrated!


Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and hello to a luminous glow when you fly! An occlusive lip balm or ointment can completely transform your in-flight experience. Simply apply it over the driest areas of your face – lips and under your eyes – for hydrated, healthy skin that will last until you touch down.

Once you’ve disembarked your flight, don’t forget to freshen up with an essence. Your skin should be adequately moisturized at this point, but if you’re looking for that added nourishment – go ahead and apply some of your usual skincare products!

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Congratulations! Secure your seat in its upright position, stow away trays and get ready to embark on some breathtaking, extraordinary travel experiences.

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