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Makeup Artists Fall Looks

Get Creative with Your Look This Fall: Makeup Artists’ Top Picks

The fall fashion palette presented on the runway is breathtaking, yet nothing can compare with your own individual style!

Appealing Hues

Katie Hill, a Tennessee-based makeup artist for Salon Yeager, enjoys adding warm tones to her fall looks such as copper, peach and mahogany. This season she’s experimenting with cranberry shades too. “I’m enamored by how the deep color of cranberry shadow intensifies every eye color when used as an eye drop,” says Katie. “Don’t be afraid to try something new!”

Flaunt a stunning look with Oil Free Camouflage in golden, Perfecting Powder, Contour Kit in light to medium, Bronze Sun Kissed Blush, Papaya Precision Brow Pencil and Taupe Brow Powder Duo. For your eyes: Diamond Vintage Mahogany Eye Shadow Trio & Champagne Rose Liquid Ink Eyeliner will do the trick! Finish your masterpiece off with Vino Lip Pencil and Bronze Gloss for a luminous glow.

Nature’s Splendid Spectrum of Colors

Autumn Smith, a makeup and lash artist based in New Brunswick, draws her creative inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us. “I’m captivated by the vibrant hues of fall foliage,” she explains. “It influences my approach to autumnal cosmetics – think striking lips matched with warm color tones and earthy nudes.” This naturalist is inspired by what she sees in nature; if it appears amongst trees, then it should decorate our faces too!

Experience the beauty of Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 in tahini, then add Under Eye Concealer in golden for an extra touch of illumination. For a rosy flush, apply Blush in sandalwood and spice berry. Enhance your lashes with Volumizing Mascara in black topped off with Water Resistant Mascara to keep looking fabulous all day long! Finish it off with Suede Matte Crayon in crimson – perfect for adding a pop of color to any look.

Unblemished Complexion.

Crafting a bespoke skincare routine is essential to achieving your desired results. To get the perfect look, start with  Cream Foundation in cocoa medium and Pressed Base in chestnut light for flawless coverage. Add touches of definition with Oil Free Camouflage in beige and Contour Kit in medium to dark, then use Brow Powder Duo in brown to accentuate your brows. Finish off by applying Eye Shadow shades diamond and mahogany from the Eye Shadow Trio palette before finishing up with Liquid Ink for bold lids, Precision Lip Pencil vino for full lips, and Liquid Lips desire for long-lasting color!

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