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Mastering Hand Care: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Achieve Perfect Hands

Most of us consider the face, neck and décolleté when we think about skin care – however, there is another area that deserves just as much attention. In fact, it often experiences more daily use & exposure to outside elements such as the sun or environment; leaving it vulnerable to aging signs like dryness and general wear-and-tear. Can you guess what this area might be?

Let us lend a helping hand – our hands!

Do you suffer from dry hands? Whether it’s caused by the changing of seasons, living in a dry climate, or increased hand washing/sanitizing frequency – many individuals can relate to this uncomfortable condition.

Nowadays, we are washing and sanitizing our hands more frequently than ever before. This can unfortunately lead to incredibly dry and dejected skin on our hands that can be difficult for us to handle. While sanitation is always a priority of ours, we must find ways to infuse moisture into our hands in order to heal them from such rigorous cleaning.

Have you ever wondered why your hands seem to get so dry?

Washing our hands removes the natural oils that keep us hydrated, which is necessary to kill germs and be sanitary. Nevertheless, we can avoid dryness by replenishing this moisture immediately after washing or disinfecting with a simple skincare routine. This will combat water evaporation from further dehydrating your skin and stop potential cracking of your hands.

What Should You Try?

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Mask

This luxurious and deeply nourishing mask is enriched with a potent formula that replenishes dry, stressed skin. With its unique hydrating complex, it restores the skin’s water balance to achieve optimal functioning while also infusing luminosity and plumpness for a more youthful complexion. Enjoy naturally radiant tone and smooth texture today with this powerful skincare treatment.

One Love Organics Botanical E Neck & Decollete Firming Cream

This product is specially designed to combat the skin issues on your hands, chest and neck. This ultra-luxurious cream contains Active Plant Cell Technology utilizing Vitamin E-rich Barbary Fig extracts, premium grade Hyaluronic Acid and anti-blue light actives that are proven to help with early signs of aging such as reduced firmness, texture and uneven tone in your decollete area.

100% Pure Gingerade Hand Buttercream

Pamper your hardworking hands with this nourishing and luxurious hand cream. Formulated with a base of decadent cocoa, avocado and shea butters to deeply moisturize the skin while also enriching it with anti-aging vitamins. Further enhanced by super fruits to promote smoother, more youthful looking skin. Enhanced further still by an invigorating blend of ginger and citrus scents for a delectable experience! Non-greasy formula ensures that only silky softness remains on your hands.

Reinforce your Health with Treatment and Protection

Don’t forget – hands show the signs of aging just like your face, so exfoliate regularly to uncover smoother and softer skin

Use 100% Pure Bakuchiol Moisturizer a few nights a week as an anti-aging treatment for your hands; it helps regenerate dry or damaged skin caused by sun exposure. 

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause visible signs of aging and enhance skin dryness on your hands. As little as 10 minutes of exposure every single day can make a difference in long-term effects, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen or moisturizer repeatedly — not just when it’s sunny outside! Whether rain, snow, or shine: ensure you are protecting the back of your hands each day for softer and younger looking hands.

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