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Mineral Makeup Foundation for Your Beauty Routine

9 Reasons to Use Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup, derived from ethical minerals such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, provides an enormous array of advantages for your skin in comparison to regular cosmetics. It is ideal for those with delicate complexions. Uncover the incredible benefits that mineral foundation can offer you and make a switch today!

Sun Protection

Shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays by pairing an SPF with a mineral makeup foundation. Chemical sunscreen soaks up the rays while physical sunscreen reflects UVA and UVB light away. For maximum protection, Dermablend Foundation with SPF 25; if you want more coverage but still desire high factor SPF, EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 – Tinted offers just that.

Better Coverage

Avoid traditional makeup that contains talc, an ingredient known to make formulas heavy and lacking pigmentation. This can lead you to use more products in order to achieve your desired coverage. Try talc free products so you’ll never have to worry about encountering toxic ingredients or feeling weighed down by the texture of your cosmetics.

Picture Perfect

Stephanie Panek, Key Makeup Artist on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie shares her advice: “HD cameras can reveal every single detail – so a makeup artist must go in and conceal any spots, blemishes or discoloration with cosmetics without it being obvious. I love using mineral powder foundations as they provide an incredibly natural full coverage finish that two of my male actors really appreciate since it doesn’t feel like they are wearing lots of product.”

Perfect for Fine Lines

The ideal foundation is effortless and undetectable. Unfortunately, traditional foundations are often formulated with talc which can make them feel thick on the skin, in addition to settling into fine lines giving you a creased look. On the other hand, mineral makeup creates an almost invisible layer that feels like your own skin!


No matter if you have oily, dry, or combination skin – mineral makeup is a great choice for everyone. Yet how you apply the foundation depends on your individual skin type. To ensure that minerals properly adhere to your face and look their best, make sure to moisturize daily beforehand! If you fear excess oil in the middle of the day with oily/combination skins, use mattifying powder in this area too; similarly for those who suffer from dryness – don’t forget hydrating mist which will help give moisture back into your complexion.

Sensitive Skin-Friendly

If you have sensitive skin, then mineral makeup is the perfect choice for you. Talc and chemical dyes can be very irritating to delicate complexions, but minerals are non-occlusive which allows your skin to breathe easily without being smothered by product. Even dermatologists rely on this type of makeup because it helps cover and correct surface redness while still preserving a natural appearance.

Acne-Prone Skin

Mineral makeup is a great choice for skin prone to acne or rosacea given its non-irritating and non-comedogenic formula. It won’t clog your pores, thus preventing further breakouts and blemishes.


Professional makeup artists often utilize mineral makeup when shooting because it provides a seamless, consistent complexion that will stay in place all day long. Michelle Radow from HBO’s The Brink said of mineral makeup products. “The quality is so superior, you can actually feel and see the difference after 14 hours on set!” To ensure your look stays intact for longer periods of time, apply primer before applying mineral foundation and finish off with a setting powder to lock everything in place.

Visual Appeal

Mineral makeup is highly praised by both professional make-up artists and dermatologists for giving skin a beautiful look and feel. The natural oxides, micro minerals present in this type of makeup provide coverage to the skin without clogging up pores or feeling heavy on it.

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