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No Need To Run And Hide When It Rains

Spring showers don’t have to dampen your style! 

Spring is here and the sunshine brings with it a desire to spend time outdoors. But what if an unanticipated rainstorm ruins your plans? Have no fear, as these five trusty products will help keep you looking beautiful despite whatever nature throws at you- be it rain, tears, humidity or sweat. So don’t worry about any unexpected showers this April -these rainy day makeup essentials have got you covered!

Waterproof Glamor with our Water-Resistant Mascara! 

Rain or tears? Don’t let them ruin your day! Our unique formula of Water Resistant Mascara not only lengthens and volumizes, but also provides intense color pay off to ensure drama stays on the lashes, instead of the face. And if you’d rather use another mascara – no problem! Simply apply your daily mascara first, then top it with our Water Resistant Mascara for extra staying power. Now that’s a win-win!


If you had to pick just one item for a deserted island, this would be the ideal option. It’s everyone’s go-to multitasker — it won’t wear off during the day and promises all-day comfort. Choose from its incredible hues, and you can concoct any look that works best with night or day using these easy shadow sticks! Just make sure to blend fast because they take effect in no time!

Protect your skin from the damaging UV rays with Tinted Primer SPF 30.

Start your day in the sun and end it with a shower? Tinted Primer SPF 30 is just the product to handle all of Mother Nature’s surprises. This lightweight primer offers coverage that evens out skin tones, smoothes texture and provides an impressive SPF30 rating – so you can enjoy time outside without worrying about sunburn! Plus, if you choose to wear it as a stand-alone item, its staying power will give you enough time to make it through unexpected showers. Consider Tinted Primer SPF 30 like a light raincoat: sufficient protection while running for cover during short rains but not quite suited for extended downpours. 

Liquid Lipsticks

The most effortless way to assemble a flawless look, even if the weather isn’t cooperating? Make your pout pop with our matte lip color! This formula delivers an ultra-smooth, non-drying finish that is nourishing and conditioning. It offers six shades from nudes to reds and berries – so you can pick one that suits your style best. Plus, it’s totally fuss free – just one swipe and you’re ready for whatever comes your way all day long! No need for frequent touch ups either; simply toss into the bag when done and go about living life on the move!

Brow Liner

Don’t let the rain ruin your perfected brows! 100% Pure ultra-fine tip frames and shapes with wax-based formula that’ll last up to 10 hours. Now you don’t ever have to worry about a rainy day ruining your look again. When it comes time for removal, use an oil-based cleanser like Essential Cleansing Oil followed by your favorite 100% Pure cleanser for the most thorough cleanse imaginable. This product will make you wonder how you ever made it through life without it – so give in and enhance those eyebrows today!

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