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Planning a DIY Wedding?

Learn What Makeup to Buy and How Easy it is to Apply!

On your wedding day, the pressure to look perfect can be immense. But why not just look like you? If wearing makeup has never been your thing, taking the time and effort to apply it yourself is a great way to feel more confident on this special occasion. To ensure that you look natural yet gorgeous, here are some helpful DIY tips for creating an exquisite bridal makeup style all by yourself!


Utilize primer! Apply face and eye shadow primers to your skin before applying makeup, as it will not only keep your look fresh all day long but also feel incredibly lightweight on the skin. Despite how strange it may seem when you apply it, trust that once done correctly primer is essential in maximizing the beauty of your makeup look and its staying power.

Make sure to blend your mineral cosmetics all the way down your neck for a seamless look. It’s not unusual for your face and neck to have slightly different shades, however this can become even more noticeable when foundation is applied. Start with an application of medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation using either a brush or makeup sponge, then layer on concealer as needed over any trouble spots. Finish off the look by setting it in place with some finishing powder or semi-matte pressed powder – voilà! This will ensure you don’t end up with a line demarcation along the jawline that’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

For your wedding day, don’t feel like you have to switch up the makeup that you love! Give old favorite products a chance. Try how it looks in natural light and with flash photography – make there’s no flashback, which can cause an ashen appearance on photographs taken with flash. If everything passes this test, it could be just what you need for your special day!


If you’d like to perfect your makeup look for the big day, try these tips! Start with a familiar eye shadow pairing that you already work with or follow an instructional tutorial. There are thousands of tutorials available and don’t be afraid to explore; search words such as subtle, smoky, golden, soft romantic coral vintage and simple – all perfect inspiration in creating a timeless wedding aesthetic.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a crier, it’s still wise to opt for water resistant mascara—better safe than sorry. You’d be surprised by the transformative power of simply filling in your brows; they give structure and an extra edge to any look! To amp up your allure even further, follow our natural brow tutorial for additional tips on how to perfect them.


Consider investing in a long-lasting lipstick and stay clear of any products with shimmer. Not only will you reduce the need for touchups, but matte lip formulas are known to last longer than sheer or glossy options — resulting in minimal color transfer!

Experimenting with a variety of lipstick shades can help you find the perfect one for you. To choose something that flatters your complexion, pick hues with undertones similar to yours (warm if your skin has warm tones and cool if it’s cooler). Ultimately, however, ‘the one’ is the shade that makes you feel beautiful and confident!

Achieve the perfect pout by starting with a lip liner. Mapping out your lips with lining pencils gives you that sharp and precise look as well as preventing any feathering or smudging of your lipstick. Choose a shade close to what color lipstick you plan on wearing, then blend inwards using the side of the lead for seamless lines. Top it off by directly applying your favored lippy over top!

Finally, perfect your full look with a practice session. After acquiring all of the beauty products you need, complete a trial run of your entire face makeup and time yourself in order to determine how much time is needed for applying it on the big day. Try out wearing it for an entire day so that you can see its longevity and don’t forget to take pictures too – this way you’ll ensure that each color photographs accurately.

Are you hesitant to take on bridal makeup yourself? Why not try enlisting the help of a professional, instead! Set up an appointment for a trial several weeks ahead of your big day and let them know precisely what sort of look you are aiming for. Give clear details about your skin type as well so they can create something that is tailored specifically to you.


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