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Powder Foundation At Its Best

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation- Discover How it Can Transform Your Beauty Routine!


When you need a dependable foundation that provides buildable coverage and comes in numerous shades, trust our highly acclaimed Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation. You can always rely on this product to provide your desired level of coverage while ensuring you find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation is a number one choice for all kinds of people, from professional makeup artists to the everyday user. This popular powder foundation stands out among other brands due to its talc-free formulation which nurtures the skin and prevents settling into pores or fine lines that can make imperfections more visible. That’s why so many professionals turn to 100% Pure Makeup when they have important events such as photo shoots, weddings, or proms!

At 100% Pure, they always prioritize skin health in their products. Their Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation is no exception– it’s noncomedogenic to ensure that your skincare routine remains untouched and provides broad-spectrum UV protection plus antioxidant benefits for a flawless complexion with all the color you desire!

All Complexions Welcome!

If you’re searching for a natural and radiant look with customizable coverage, Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundations is the ideal choice! This beloved product works wonders on all skin types from dry to oily; allowing users to achieve an even foundation base with semi-matte finish. Don’t miss out – add this essential makeup must-have in your beauty collection today!

Intuitive and Effortless

Applying foundation with the Wander Beauty Nude Illusion Dual Foundation Brush or Non Latex Makeup Blender is quick and easy, so you can have perfect coverage without worrying about your makeup becoming cakey throughout the day.

Rejuvenating Skin Care Formula

Our Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation is made with only the best ingredients, such as triple milled minerals and an exclusive mix of Vitamins A, C, E and White Tea Extracts that nourish your skin. You’ve devoted so much time to creating an optimal skincare routine for yourself – don’t let it go to waste by using makeup that blocks pores or causes acne breakouts.

Sun Protection

Make the most of Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation and its natural mineral sunscreen benefits. Perfect for our professionals, this gentle treatment will protect you from environmental skin damage as a bonus! Ready to experience it firsthand? Match your ideal hue, pick your coverage level and explore all the features & advantages that have made this award-winning product so popular:

Shade Discovery 

Coverage Possibilities 

Innovative Benefits


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