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Products For Combination Skin

Achieve Harmonious Skin with A Balancing Mist for Combination Skin!

Are you familiar with the various Skin Sets? If so, then surely you’ve noticed products tailored to both oily and dry skin types. But what about those of us who happen to experience combination skin – not too oily and not too dry? Believe it or not, this is the most common type of complexion out there! Combination skin fluctuates between oiliness in certain areas (e.g., t-zone) while other parts are left feeling parched (like your cheeks). It can be an unpredictable process but one that’s highly manageable when you have access to the right tools.

Searching for the ideal product combination to achieve your desired skin goals can be tricky. You want to avoid overproducing oil that could lead to clogged pores, but you also don’t want your skin feeling overly dry and uncomfortable. So is there a solution? 100%Pure believes it has found the answer…

Struggling to address the needs of combination skin? Look no further than Rose Water Face Mist! This rejuvenating spray effectively hydrates and balances your complexion, while also optimizing the results of your skincare routine. Keep this on hand for a radiant-looking glow in any season or climate.

ROSE HYDROSOL; tones skin and tightens pores.

ALOE JUICE           ;soothes and moisturizes.

CHAMOMILE         ;soothes and strengthens skin against irritants.

WHITE TEA            ;combats sun damage with antioxidants.

GLYCERIN              ;locks in moisture and reduces fine lines.

You’re in luck! Toners are a great way to refresh and hydrate your skin, giving it an even complexion. Similar to 100%Pure’s line of toners, Rose Water Face Mist helps the skin absorb product more effectively after use. With this easy-to-use mist, you’ll be able to experience balanced and purified results before you know it!

If you need more convincing that a toning mist is essential in your skincare regimen, then consider this: Toners act as an extra layer of defense against dirt and oil after cleansing. They cleanse the pores while also closing them to prevent any unwanted particles from entering before adding serums or moisturizers. This type of deep cleanse without stripping away moisture is especially beneficial for anyone struggling with acne.


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