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Best Rose Gold Makeup Products for a Glowing Goddess Look

Here's why we're obsessed with rose gold makeup for luxe bridal occasions and sleek everyday looks alike.

Rose Gold MakeupWhat’s as iconic as millennial pink? Rose gold. You’ve seen this trend hit all parts of the market, from wedding rings all the way to iPhones. It’s the perfect luxurious color with a hint of feminine elegance. But if you can’t quite find the excuse to get yourself a new phone just for a change of color, not to worry. Rose gold makeup is a thing, and beauty brands are continuing to churn out new products to celebrate this trend. We’re here to introduce you to the best rose gold makeup to help you achieve that glowing goddess look.

What’s rose gold makeup?

Rose gold itself isn’t just a color, it’s actually a gold-copper alloy that’s often used in jewelry. It’s a gold color that comes with a pink or reddish, hence earning it the name rose gold. The color can be achieved in makeup too, from a mixture of mineral or fruit pigments with mica or gemstones.

When can I wear rose gold makeup?

Practically anytime! We know that rose gold is often associated with bridal looks, and we can definitely see why. Rose gold perfectly complements ivory and golden shades often featured in weddings, and have that perfect hint of luxury that looks great with wedding dresses (and champagne!). Or you can layer it on for a metallic look that’s sure to shine day and night.

We’d like to point out though that rose gold is also an everyday color. Different variations of it work wonders with nude skin tones. Wearing rose gold makeup that’s similar to your natural skin tone can result in a glowy look that complements your natural beauty.

Best rose gold makeup products

There are now so many rose gold makeup products on the market today. But in keeping with rose gold’s reputation as a color of quality and elegance, we’d like to give our love to natural makeup products that offer stunning color payoff, while treating your skin to the most healthful plant-based ingredients. Try to make it through this list without ooh-ing or ahh-ing!

Rose Gold PaletteFruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette from 100% Pure
See? We weren’t kidding when we said the trend is still going strong. This makeup palette offers everything you need to create the perfect rose gold makeup look, with 3 stunning eyeshadows, highlighter, and blush all pigmented from fruits. The highlighter seriously steals the show with its out-of-this-world shimmer (sunglasses needed for this one!).

Chamomile Eye Palette in PrettyChamomile Eye Palette in PrettyChamomile Eye Palette in Pretty from Ere Perez
An eyeshadow palette inspired from vintage luxe vibes that calls to our inner boho babe. It offers a range of unique shades to keep you covered at all corners of your eyes, ranging from pearly white to dark brown. Or just pick the middle rose gold eye shadows to create your signature look. Feel free to wear alone, or with your other eye makeup.

Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Chai from Alima PureLuminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in ChaiLuminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Chai from Alima Pure
Prefer to start it off simple instead? You might want to experiment with mixing this rose gold eyeshadow with your usual shades for a wearable daily look. It has more of a peachy gold look that works well for more natural looks. Apply it dry for a subtle shimmer, or with a damp brush for a more metallic look. Either way you go about it, this formula blends smoothly across skin.

Cream Eye Shadow in Gorgeous from Kjaer Weis
A beautiful warm taupe that’s closer to a true rose gold. It’s rich in color, as well as antioxidants too, thanks to the inclusion of coconut oil and green tea extract that are ultra soothing to skin. Natural ingredients ensure blendability, flawless application, and long lasting wear. We’d be totally excited to see someone wear this for a bridal look!

Liquid RadianceLiquid RadianceLiquid Radiance from Gabriel Cosmetics
Who says you need eyeshadow to channel rose gold? This liquid highlighter comes with a rollerball applicator that’s easy to sweep across skin for immediate goddess status. Layer it on multiple times for the level of glow you desire. Use it for contouring all over your face, or even as a quick eyeshadow!

Organic Luminizer “Sublime” in Eclipse from Hush + Dotti
We absolutely love cream highlighters because of how easily they blend in with our other makeup, and this rose gold highlighter is especially heart eyes worthy for the jojoba seed oil and vitamin E that condition skin with wear. This sheer formula is a warm shade of rose gold that can be used on cheeks and eyelids.

Lumière Rose DoréeLumière Rose DoréeLumière Rose Dorée – Shimmer Oil from French Girl
What can get more dreamy luxe than a shimmering body oil in rose gold? Massage this oil into your skin for a luminous glow with the heavenly scent of roses. This formula is packed with argan oil and shea butter that are ultra pampering and moisturizing for skin. Apply for a show-stopping look.   

Rose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer SprayRose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer SprayRose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer Spray from Captain Blankenship
If you aren’t quite ready to dye your whole head of hair rose gold, you must try this rose gold hair spray instead. It adds magical color and shimmer for all hair colors. Sea salt adds light beachy waves to hair, while sea kelp extract hydrates and nourishes your hair and scalp. Serious mermaid status right here.

Enlightened GlossEnlightened GlossEnlightened Gloss from Pacifica
Looking for a more subtle look that’ll still turn eyes? This lip gloss comes in a range of coppery shades to suit a range of skin tones. Wear it alone for that perfect hint of lip color that defines your lips, and conditions with coconut oil and vitamin E. Or use it as a lip topper to add a warm tint to your lips.

Flowercolor Lipstick in Cafe au LaitFlowercolor Lipstick in Cafe au LaitFlowercolor Lipstick in Cafe au Lait from Ecco Bella
Exude royalty and elegance with this rose gold lipstick that’s universally flattering for all. And here’s a secret that others won’t know: it doubles as a lip balm too, so your lips won’t flake or chap. You can thank the organic calendula and chamomile oil for your pretty lips!


There’s not much that can top rose gold. It’s the perfect metallic shade that lies between warm and cool tones and can complement a range of skin undertones. You can dress it up for a sleek luxe look, or wear it everyday for a glow-from-within complexion. Got any new rose gold makeup products to bring our attention to? Let us know ASAP!

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