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Is ‘Natural’ the Most Vital Quality to Ensure Cleanliness in a Product?

At 100%Pure, clean beauty means that our products and reviews are made up of ingredients which have no potential health risks to humans. Additionally, we guarantee zero animal cruelty throughout the production process. To honor this commitment, here is a list of some favorites and bestsellers – ranging from completely botanical options to those skillfully blended along with synthetic plant oils and extracts.

  • The OMG Miracle Overnight Transformation!

Pamper yourself before bed with this potent cream and wake up to skin that is visibly smoother, supple and virtually poreless. The exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids in the formula are released slowly over time, making it both incredibly effective yet gentle enough for even sensitive skin types.

  • Introducing the fabulous Lip Gloss-Balm 

Treat your lips to this best-selling, nourishing glossy formula that provides sheer color and beautiful gleam to flatter any skin tone. From subtle nudes to bold statement shades, you can get the sexiest set of colors for a luminous finish!

  • Discover the Miracle Facial Oil that Everyone is Raving About!

Transform your skin and defy any dry, oily or sensitive issues with this renowned combination of potent organic rosehip oil, fortifying antioxidants and pure essential oils. Experience the remarkable power of this skincare solution for yourself – it really is worth every bit of its hype!

  • Unlock a Radiance That Shines Bright with Vitamin C!

Transform your skin  into a brighter, more luminous version of itself with this serum that has been designed to work for all types. Every morning when you apply it, your skin will benefit from the power combination of L-ascorbic acid (the purest form of vitamin C) and hydrating hyaluronic acid – creating smoother results that are clearly visible.

  • For lush, luscious lashes that stand out from the crowd, reach for MASCARA!

Transform your lashes into something remarkable with this jojoba-infused formula, enriched with vitamin B5 to give you thicker, glossier and more defined fringes that will illuminate your entire face.

  • Uncover the Hidden Formula Behind Youthful, Bright Eyes with Eye Cream

This luxurious mixture contains powerful ingredients that combat dark circles and puffiness while leaving your under-eye area looking soothed, toned, and glowing.

  • Ignite Your Youthful Glow with a Revitalizing Boost!

This cream is truly remarkable: It visibly firms, smoothes the look of wrinkles and delivers an intensely moisturizing infusion of peptides, ceramides, plant butters and precious botanicals that will boost your glow. Not only does it work like a luxurious night cream while you sleep; this product can also make miracles happen when dealing with dryness on long flights too!

  • Crafted with Care for Your Body

Pamper yourself with a luxurious, creamy texture that gently exfoliates and buffs away roughness. Revel in the delightful aroma of coconut and avocado as you experience a lather like no other – one that leaves your skin velvety soft and totally moisturized!

  • Shampoo

No matter your hair texture – curly, wavy, kinky or straight – this whipped charcoal and coconut shampoo will provide a thorough cleanse while massaging your scalp. It eliminates product buildup, washes away oil and conditions with cold-pressed oils for unbelievably soft locks! Get ready to experience luxurious hydration that leaves your tresses silky smooth.

  • Introducing the ultimate go-to lip glaze that you can rock anywhere and everywhere. 

Pamper your lips with lasting moisture, smooth out lip lines and show off a sexy, fresh sheen day or night. The luxurious texture of this 100%Pure formulated lip glaze will make every kiss unforgettable.


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