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The Perfect Take Home Wedding Gifts

Struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your wedding party? 

It’s customary for the newlyweds to show appreciation and gratitude with a token of thanks to their nearest and dearest, anyone who supported them during their wedding. The bridesmaids are especially deserving of recognition as they have not only contributed financially but also through bridesmaid tasks. Reward your beautiful support system by giving an exquisite gift that conveys your utmost sorrow – here are some ways you can express how much you appreciate all that they’ve done!

Give the gift of relaxation with this luxury At-Home Spa Gift Basket! 

Make sure your bridesmaids have the chance to kick back and relax after all of their hard work on the big day! Surprise them with a luxurious spa package in a wicker basket, including a Deep Hydration Sheet Mask, facial scrub, moisturizing hand cream, soy candle for aromatherapy benefits, comfy slippers and terry cloth robe. For those coming from out of town consider packing travel-friendly skincare products and toiletries that they can take home with them as an extra special thank you gift.

Special makeup gift bag!

 A makeup bag can make an excellent present, but you can take it one step further and add some custom cosmetic items too! If you decide to give them lipstick or eye shadow, try selecting shades that would flatter their individual complexions. By taking the time to choose a thoughtful gift for each person separately, your friends will feel truly appreciated!

Choose Your Unique Eye Color

  • With a captivating gaze, Blue Eyes flaunt hues of bronze, brown and taupe – providing an effortlessly cool appeal.
  • Emerald Eyes: Embrace their true beauty by accentuating them with vibrant jewel tones such as deep purples and teals.
  • Mossy greens and vintage pinks of Hazel Eyes captivate the soul, giving it a sense of admiration.
  • Lively golden and bronzy hues illuminate your beautiful brown eyes.

Choose The Perfect Lip Shade

Give the perfect gift of a pout-ready set with our favorite lip combos, featuring a pencil, lipstick and gloss

With so many colors to choose from, selecting makeup can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, start with palettes that feature a variety of hues or opt for color-free products such as setting spray, finishing powder and lip balm. For the perfect wedding look, consider investing in 100%Pure’s ready-to-go Touch Up Kits – ideal for bridesmaids and mothers too!

Survive Nuptial Celebrations with a Wedding Weekend Survival Bag!

Ensure you make it through your wedding weekend stress-free with a survival bag filled to the brim with all of the necessary beauty supplies. From blotting papers and nail polish to lip gloss and tissues, keep everything organized in an easily transportable train case or tote bag and get even more use out of it post-wedding day!

Make your bridesmaids feel truly special by embroidering their names or initials on the bags. Create a personalized touch to show them just how grateful you are for all that they do! You can also customize what’s inside each bag depending on the destination and/or season of your wedding. For example, if it is held in sunny weather then put some tinted moisturizer and sunglasses within while winter weddings call for a cozy sweatshirt and lip balm instead. Add useful items so that they can be used even long after the big day has passed!

Show your bridesmaids how much you value them with these gorgeous beauty gift bags. For even more present inspiration, take a look at the incomparable Clean Beauty Essentials Kit!

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