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Searching for the Perfect Red Lip

Find the Shade of Red That Complements You

Ready to take the plunge and become a lip color enthusiast? I did my due diligence to find clean, non-toxic options when I went searching for the perfect shade of red. After days of trial and error (and more than one failed attempt), here is how I found my true love! Join me on this search for an ideal rouge that will never fail you.

When it comes to my relationship with lipstick, I can easily compare it with my dating life: intermittently passionate and fervent or total absence. Usually, in terms of makeup, I keep things simple—a bit of concealer under the eyes, a few strokes of mascara, plus some blush here and there.

But most days, lip balm is enough for me since putting on lipstick seems like too much effort for an early morning routine. Always having one at the work desk as well as inside the bag just in case!

I’d love to find the perfect red lip color that would make me feel sophisticated, polished, and ready for any occasion—especially those occasions when I’m going from the office right into dinner or a work event.

Whenever I go to the makeup counter, it is significantly easier for me to trust and act on the guidance of a woman with similar features including darker hair and olive skin instead of listening to the blonde, blue-eyed sales personnel.

Kosas’ line of four red shades is a surprise to behold—two bright and two deep. No matter who you ask, Electra is the classic cool-toned hue, while Thrillest offers an orangey twist that’s sure to capture attention. Additionally, these richly pigmented tones don’t go on too blue or too orange due to their semi-opaque finish!

Sonora by 100%Pure is a dazzling pink that looks like my natural lips—but better. It is the ideal introduction to lip color for those who are new to makeup. The shade of this particular hue complements my complexion perfectly; when you use colors on the same side of the wheel as your skin tone, it produces an energized and symmetrical look, which I adore!

Rather than the ‘more is more’ philosophy that caters to beauty enthusiasts, the ordinary woman needs a lipstick she can rely on each time. A dependable product ensures her confidence and satisfaction with every application.

Last summer I had a black-tie wedding to attend, and as fate would have it, I completely forgot my beloved red lipstick. Since smokey eyes were out of the question for me, there was no alternative but to rely on a bold lip instead.

When I stepped into the store in Montecito, however, my anxiety skyrocketed at the sight of all those options! But when the shop girl queried what kind of shade I needed–I knew just how to answer: A matte finish that hydrates AND stays put throughout any occasion.

I was at a loss, unable to make an informed decision other than based on the packaging. Then the professional enlightened me with their knowledge that I needed something in red but with orange-y undertones; blue-reds are best for people who have cooler undertones, ash tones in their hair, or blue eyes! This newfound awareness was entirely new to me and incredibly helpful.

The technique of putting on lipstick is akin to the artful application of nail polish. Build up a gradual layering by loading your middle finger with the product, working it into all the little nooks and crannies for a natural stain-like look. For an evening out, however? Go further: layer more directly from the tube—easy as that! I have to say, I’m in love with how my lips are looking now!

Later on, as I excitedly left my house to attend the party with a black silk jumpsuit and subtle makeup, I also brought along my much-awaited not-too-orangey red lip shade. Never before had I felt so sure that this product was made for me!

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