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Serum: Restore Your Skin After a Long Winter

Winter Skin

Just when we needed it most, the mystery of achieving beautiful winter skin has been revealed! After experiencing months of complexion-dulling temperature fluctuations and not always making the healthiest eating decisions, this miraculous serum is here to revive our dull skin. Our complexions are left feeling silky smooth, replenished with hydration, and glowing with vibrancy.

100% Pure’s formulas are both powerful and clean. This Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum is truly an amazing force, turbocharging the skin with natural components—a precise combination of acids and extracts that work in unison to leave your skin looking youthful, hydrated, healthy, and radiant. It efficiently targets wrinkles while helping plump up the dermis for a more recovered appearance.

There’s something special about the star ingredient, Rose Hydrosol – it almost feels like a mom invented it! Not only does this incredible component contribute to the irresistible and luxuriously silky texture of this serum, it also balances out rose hydrosol and hyaluronic acid to help restore youthful bounce and elasticity. This light gel formula instantly quenches dry skin, while botanical infusions of chamomile and calendula leave your complexion feeling soothed for all-day comfort.

This rose and calendula face serum is ideal for an additional nourishing skincare routine. Beta-glucan and sodium PCA work together to restore the skin’s toned, youthful appearance while also reducing redness and retaining essential moisture levels in the skin. Its creamy texture feels divine against your skin as it quickly absorbs into the deeper layers of your epidermis without leaving a sticky residue behind. Not only that, its floral scent will truly delight you! With this luxury blend, you can revel in a moisturized, plumped, nourished, and glowing complexion all day long!

For optimal results, the serum should be applied to freshly washed and damp skin daily. Allow it a few seconds to absorb into your skin before layering it with moisturizer. Inhale deeply between your palms to appreciate their aroma! Oily-skinned beauties might not need additional hydration afterward; however, don’t forget an SPF cream in the morning if you plan on wearing it during daylight hours. If desired for extra nourishment at night, layer face oil or night cream overtop of the serum.

Regardless of age, the results you get with this product are truly remarkable.

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