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Should You Try False Lashes?

Try False Eyelashes for a Show-Stopping Makeover

Aging can be an eye-opening experience, and I’m learning that the lashes you took for granted in your youth might not last forever. Many of my friends are getting lash extensions to compensate, but do they really know what’s best?

Personally, I don’t need major lusciousness every day—just a little bit more volume than before. Is there a way to reach this goal without breaking the bank? What is the most economical long-term solution for achieving desired lashes?

When I was in my twenties, I couldn’t comprehend why Kathleen Turner said that she refused to leave her house without mascara. Now that my age matches hers when the statement was made, it all makes perfect sense.

Although there is not much research available on the effects of aging on lash growth, my personal experiences indicate that lashes do become less voluminous over time. Thankfully, scientists have more important matters to address than this one!

In this day and age, it is common for a certain demographic to wear false lashes or lash extensions day-to-day! On reality shows like Bachelor in Paradise, you can see the beads of sweat running down contestants’ foreheads along with their mascaraed falsies. It’s no wonder that many are confused about what type or amount of lash look is most appropriate—the ‘tear ducts’ provide an alternate source of emotion (and possibly tears!).

Everyone I know who has worn extensions describes the same experience: They make you look more beautiful, youthful, and alluring, but sadly, they are not suitable for long-term use. The upkeep can be a hassle, and the removal process usually leads to the loss of natural lashes.

You can always turn to perming or dyeing your lashes if you feel like adding a bit of flare; however, this look is simply not feasible all the time. Additionally, false eyelashes are an excellent choice for a special event—individuals appear far more natural-looking, and two or three on each outer corner create a beautiful, glamorous appearance. Keeping up with that process every day, though, might be too much effort for some people.

I urge you to try liquid eyeliner. The subtle application will emphasize your eyes without overloading them with mascara and lashes, which can often make them look overly heavy or smudged. Of course, pencil and powder are also fantastic options, but I prefer liquid liner for its deep color payoff and the fact that it requires less product to create a more natural finish.

Experience the intense blackness of this liquid eyeliner from 100%Pure, formulated with natural pine resins for a clean and nontoxic finish. The secret to amazing mascaras can now be found in an eyeliner—the blackest black without compromising on safety!

With its long handle, applying eyeliner is a breeze! Begin near the upper two-thirds of your lash line and trace it as close to your lashes as possible. Don’t panic if you make mistakes; apply some Juice mascara and then take a cotton swab to get rid of any smudges or errors. You will soon have noticeably beautiful eyes without looking too heavily made-up!

When preparing for a stylish occasion, you can always delve into the timeless elegance of cat eyes (à la Sophia Loren) or smoky makeup looks. For daily use, however, the liner is an effortless way to look awake and well-groomed in no time!

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