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Skin-nourishing Ingredients: 5 Can’t Miss Products

Pamper Your Skin with These 5 Essential Ingredients and 3 Easy Tips!

Instead of attempting to “correct” our agitated skin, we should focus on uncovering the root cause behind it. We can incorporate face massages (lots and lots of them – all by yourself if you like!), tweak our daily routines to reduce stress levels, and use botanical ingredients with superpowers to help get your skin into optimal condition. Let’s make those dull complexions glow!

Dermatologists nowadays offer an invigorating 75-minute experience of steaming, mild microdermabrasion, and LED light therapy, leaving the best for last: scalp massage with botanical oils, masks, and serums, plus a full body massage that includes the arms, shoulders, and face. There is still a misconception that facial massages are merely for relaxation; however, nothing could be further from reality. These days we live in, a where people lack connection more than ever before, they need to fill up on human affection through physical contact as much as possible.

It’s a mindset to adopt when tending to your skin at home, too. It can be hard to feel grateful for an inflamed and painful complexion, but viewing skincare as an enjoyable ritual rather than a dull task will totally change the way you approach it! Plus, using natural ingredients like botanicals that help cleanse, balance, and preserve healthy, glowing skin is essential. Here are our five favorites that we absolutely adore!


Exfoliating your skin is essential in order to help it do what it naturally does best. To encourage this process and maintain the delicate balance between stimulating growth and not damaging the moisture barrier, I often use enzymes as well as fruit acids, which dissolve any dead or flaky cells on the surface of your skin—leaving you with a smooth, soft complexion.

Those with sensitive skin can also benefit from these types of products since they are generally gentler than physical scrubs.


Cleaning your skin each night counteracts any harmful free radicals caused by environmental pollution. After a good cleanses, you’re presented with the perfect canvas to soak up all the nourishing benefits. Loaded with powerful antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and E this sheet mask with carrot-seed oil, boosts hydration and moisture levels.


Derived from vegetable oils, this odorless ingredient is a powerful humectant that magnetizes moisture to the skin. I like having it in toning mists because of its high absorption rate; think about pouring oil onto a wet sponge compared to dry one. Before applying other products, spritz your face with a toning mist for optimal hydration and better product absorption!

Before applying your skincare products, a damp sponge can be used to prime the skin and make it more receptive. This technique helps facilitate deeper product penetration for better absorption of serums, balms, oils, or creams. Face mists are also great throughout the day, especially when applied over makeup or sunscreen to provide an instant dose of hydration and refreshment.


An infusion of nourishing omegas, carotenoids, lycopene, and vitamin E into your skin is vital. As with all plant oils, make sure to source them from a producer who utilizes minimal processing techniques and cold-pressing for maximum potency.


Not only is this beneficial for your skin exposed to the sun, but don’t forget to apply a safe and reliable mineral sunscreen as well!

3 Proven Rituals to Transform Your Life and Skin!

Nurture your body and soul; you will see the positive effects radiating from your face.


Facial massage is simple and calming, leaving skin healthy and glowing. Not only that, but it also promotes lymphatic drainage. To start off with a facial massage, simply take a few drops of oil and lightly rub them onto your entire face under whatever pressure you feel most comfortable with (when done properly, it should be enjoyable!).

For an extra boost of energy for your skin cells, try using this vibrating gold facial bar! Its vibrations will not only instantly invigorate dull-looking skin but can also temporarily firm up slackened areas as well! Hold the bar at your temples or between your eyebrows every now and then to reduce tension, too.


Dry brushing is a simple, yet powerful way to boost your circulation and sweep away dead skin cells. We suggest indulging in this delightful activity for several minutes each day before you take a relaxing herbal bath or shower, pressing down enough so that it’s invigorating but not too harsh on the skin.


Step away from your phone and let yourself drift into a luxurious bath. Light several candles for the mesmerizing aromas, and add your favorite essential oils to lift your spirits. Our recommended soak is composed of crystallized kelp from an organic seaweed farm on the Brittany coast of France, plus nourishing skin oils that soothe the body.

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