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Start Your Day: Energizing Adaptogenic Morning Coffee

A Delicious & Nutrient-Dense Elixir

Coffee is a widely accepted fondness; if you admit to enjoying your morning cup of joe on a dating profile, chances are that you’ll be flooded with messages in agreement. As predicted by the sheer popularity of coffee amongst Americans, its moderate consumption boosts both physical and mental performance – it increases alertness, yet too much can lead to restlessness or insomnia. But don’t forget: even just having a small amount has proven itself time and again as an excellent reason for living!

I never would have expected that my love of coffee would be the thing to bring me and my boyfriend together, but it has. Every morning we take turns making our favorite brew—from Chemex to Hario pour-over devices. I was so inspired by his enthusiasm for all things that I decided to explore further into clean beauty products, such as adaptogenic herb powders (which are believed to help us better cope with stress). The first one I tried? Ashwagandha!

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is an incredibly bitter herb. I had already tried to conceal the taste with yogurt and oatmeal without any luck. But then one morning I came up with a brilliant idea—adding it to my coffee! It tasted great enough that J wanted some in his too! Now we both enjoy our daily ashwagandha-infused coffee ritual.

Simultaneously, my partner began delving into the medical advantages of mushrooms. He acquired some mushroom pills, and because I had no idea what mushroom powder tasted like, we decided to mix it in with our daily cup of joe instead.

My beloved boyfriend has had an app for some time that alerts him when he’s ingested too much caffeine, so now he strictly limits his coffee intake to avoid the inevitable jitters. Meanwhile, I’m concerned about inadvertently raising my stress levels with copious amounts of java. Intriguingly enough, I recently read that several folks are trading their cup of joe with cordyceps, which inspired me…

Now I’m enjoying a delightful cup of coffee, half full with regular and decaf. To make it even better, I’ve added the powerhouse adaptogens ashwagandha and cordyceps from Sun Potion for an extra boost! Without compromising taste or my energy levels—both of which remain consistent with what they were before—this delicious concoction still wakes me up just like any other cup would. The best part is that you can take your adaptogens on the go; when travel makes pour over’s impossible, grab yourself some Cordyceps Powder from Sun Potion and add them to whatever drink you have in hand instead!

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