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Start Your Day Off Right with a Skin-Glowing Routine

Morning Skincare

Do you have a specific skincare regimen for the morning? Is it different from what you do at night? What type of skin do you possess, and does the order in which products are used matter? How has your routine evolved since most of us remain confined to our homes more than ever before? I’m always curious to learn about people’s various morning rituals, so please share yours!

Mornings have certainly transformed for me, haven’t they? Unless I’m about to attend a significant meeting, the time spent doing my hair and makeup has been drastically reduced. On top of that, I now give more attention to skincare since there is extra time in my day. But before anything else: showering! This step initiates the skin-care part of my morning routine.

Every morning, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., I indulge in the luxurious experience of applying Blood Orange Body Scrub to my body and allowing it to sit while I shampoo with Rahul’s all-natural and Sweet Almond Gentle Shower Oil—aromatically stimulating me every step of the way!

After a shower and a body scrub that softens my skin, I move on to the facial microcrystal scrub. It feels like an indulgence—like giving myself a well-earned massage. With four different exfoliating crystals, it sweeps away dull surface cells to reveal glowing, fresh skin underneath!

When I step out of the shower, my number one priority is to apply a vitamin C serum to my freshly-cleansed skin. All types require it in their daily regimen! In as little as seven days, you’ll start noticing results from regular use—trust me, your friends will comment and be stunned by your glow. Formulated with vitamin C to increase radiance and shield against damage plus hyaluronic acid for added hydration, this simple but crucial routine ensure that my skin looks its best every day; nothing else compares!

After a few minutes, I give the vitamin C time to do its magic (by my unscientific but stubborn conviction). My skin is usually normal to dry, so I apply an oil first and then wait for it to set in before applying a moisturizer. If my skin feels particularly dry, this double-layering technique helps me feel replenished and hydrated.

Right now, I’m completely hooked on Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer for my oil. Not only does it smell amazing, but Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream is an absolute must-have in my moisturizing routine; the rich cream dissolves quickly into the skin, giving me a luxe and nourishing experience!

After my facial routine is complete, I end with sunscreen. Even when I’m not planning to leave the house, it’s still necessary given that most parts of and around my place are very sunlit. Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 absorbs into your skin super fast—almost unbelievable for an all-mineral formula—leaving you with silky softness! But even if this product weren’t as delightful as it is, wearing mineral sunscreen should be every person’s first step towards protecting their skin!

After a refreshing run, a Jivamukti session, or a break from work, I take the opportunity to soothe my skin with more care. My assistant once had this little habit of strengthening her eyeliner circles until they were very dark and smoky by the end of the day!

I’ve become an oil enthusiast, keeping a bottle in my kitchen, one near my computer, and another by the bed. I love to rub it into my skin at any given opportunity – something women have been doing for centuries! It took a while to make this transition due to being naturally oily-skinned and having a slight oil phobia, but now I’m making up for a lost time!

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