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Start Your Day Right with a Healthy Routine

 Homemade Snacks and Stretching Exercises for a Natural Glow!

I’m a creature of habit in the morning and relish my quiet time. I set my alarm for 6:30am but usually don’t rise until 6:45am, allowing myself those precious few moments to slowly ease into the day ahead. My snooze button is definitely one of my favorite features!

My Morning Routine

Depending on my mood, I vary my morning refreshment:

1. To jumpstart my day, I begin with a refreshing cup of hot water and lemon.

2. Secondly, I incorporate a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar into my daily routine. Even though some might not enjoy the taste, it doesn’t bother me; on days when I’m feeling dehydrated, I sometimes dilute the mixture with water for added hydration benefits.

3. Instead of relying on pills, I prefer to indulge in a refreshing shot of Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic. Not only is it bubbly and invigorating, but it also has a pleasant flavor akin to kombucha.

4. With my 1.5-liter water bottle already at my desk, it’s a pleasant change to switch up what I’m drinking in the morning with something flavored.

As I’ve noticed from past experience, whatever foods and beverages are consumed have a great impact on one’s skin—positive or negative! Keeping this fact in mind has kept me aware of maintaining good hydration throughout the day.

5. Crafting the perfect morning smoothie has been my latest culinary venture, and I’m confident that I’ve nearly perfected the recipe. All it takes is maca powder, collagen, Spirulina Manna, greens mix-ins such as chia seeds and flaxseeds, hemp hearts, and kale, all blended together with almond milk.

If I want to treat myself a bit more special, then an extra spoonful of homemade almond butter does the job!

6. I use Detox Herbal Cleanser to keep my face clean, followed by a spritz of Rose Water Face Mist. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated in an instant!

7.Unlike many people, I don’t go to the gym in the morning. But that doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of myself! Instead, sometimes I’ll hop on a foam roller for 10 minutes or take a stroll along Santa Monica’s magnificent bluffs near the beach. It helps me become alert and energized with its fresh ocean breeze—it’s like my own personal boost of energy each day!

I feel most focused in the morning, so I prefer arriving at work early. For a quick burst of energy while heading out the door, I like to grab an energy bar made from almonds, cashews, dates, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds with coconut oil for texture.

Additionally, close by home, there is also a great place where you can get breakfast or even a midday almond milk latte pick-me-up break!

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