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Tamanu Oil Benefits for Soothed, Radiant Skin

Learn what this powerful anti-inflammatory oil can do for your skin conditions.

Tamanu Oil BenefitsSo you’ve heard about the legendary properties of argan oil and the skin-friendliness of jojoba oil. Do these oils fail to produce any difference in your skin, or are you simply looking for new ingredients to treat your skin conditions? There’s a newcomer to the Western beauty scene called tamanu oil that’s quickly growing in popularity. Haven’t heard of this oil before? It’s actually already found in many products already that you can easily start using for your skin!

What’s tamanu oil?

Tamanu oil is an oil that’s pressed from seeds of the tamanu tree that grows in tropical Southern Asia and Oceania. The nuts are first dried and then cracked, then further dried and finally pressed to produce the oil. The drying process causes the seeds to increase their oil content. The oil itself is a dark, greenish color with a nutty scent. Pacific islanders have traditionally used the oil to treat skin wounds, burns, acne scars, and skin conditions such as eczema. It’s even applied by Polynesian women on faces to promote clearer, acne-free skin, and even massage the oil onto babies to prevent irritation. 

What makes tamanu oil so beneficial?

Tamanu oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties are what enable it to calm down surface wounds, as well as promote healing. Its antimicrobial properties are also helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria, and prevent wound infections and acne breakouts. Plus, it’s unique fatty acid composition makes it a skin-friendly plant oil that won’t leave skin feeling greasy or irritated. Let’s break down the more specific ways you can use tamanu oil for your skin and hair.

Tamanu oil benefits for skin

  1. Reduce acne scars

One of tamanu oil’s earliest functions was its ability to promote wound healing. While we have first aid kits today to help us treat flesh wounds, we can still benefit from the healing properties of this natural ingredient. Studies have shown that applying tamanu oil to skin can improve an injured person’s scars. While we don’t advise you to use tamanu oil to treat serious wounds, it’s a safe natural treatment to use on acne to prevent scars.

  1. Treat acne

Many acne breakouts are worsened by the infection and spread of bacteria. While you might dread putting more oil on your skin, for fear of it increasing pimples, tamanu oil’s anti-inflammatory and high antibacterial properties may actually help you fight your breakout! Plus, people with acne-prone skin have been found to be deficient in linoleic acid, which is found in high amounts in tamanu oil.

  1. Soothe eczema

While tamanu oil hasn’t directly been shown to help treat eczema, its high anti-inflammatory effects can go a long way in calming down your itchy, reddened skin. It helps reduce inflammation without the extreme side effects that other forms of treatment can have. If your dermatologist OKs, oftentimes slapping on some tamanu oil on your dermatitis can be more effective than just further scratching it (which can lead to infection).

  1. Moisturizes skin

Tamnu oil is rich in fatty acid linoleic acid, which helps your skin’s barrier work effectively and maintain moisture within your skin. This insures balanced skin that isn’t overly dry or oily.

  1. Rich in antioxidants

All plant oils contain antioxidants to protect them from the environment. Tamanu oil in particular contains antioxidants that help fight against free radical damage that can contribute to signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and even cancer. They’ve even been shown to absorb harmful UV light in a study, but definitely don’t forgo your sunscreen!

Best tamanu oil products

Beauty Oil from RMS BeautyBeauty Oil from RMS BeautyBeauty Oil from RMS Beauty
If you have more mature skin that’s on the dry side, you’ll easily benefit from using a facial oil to keep your skin looking moisturized and radiant. This facial oil from RMS Beauty is packed with nutrient-rich plant oils that are also compatible with skin, such as jojoba seed oil, rosehip oil, and tamanu oil. Use up to twice a day in a facial massage routine to uplift your complexion’s appearance.

Clear Skin Oil from French GirlClear Skin Oil from French GirlClear Skin Oil from French Girl
We mentioned earlier that people with acne-prone skin also tend to be deficient in linoleic acid. So oils aren’t always bad for skin. This special blend of botanical oils were made for blemish-prone skin, and is packed with oils that are rich in linoleic acid, such as tamanu, argan, and hemp oil. We love the addition of tea tree oil to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

Tamanu Oil Herbal Salve from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
For those of you who battle from eczema, you’ll understand that skin wounds are a regular occurence. It doesn’t help that the more your scratch, the more likely you’ll end up breaking skin and causing infection! That’s where this tamanu oil salve comes in handy. Use it on acne, insect bites, eczema, or irritated skin to soothe itchiness and promote healing. Chagrin Valley also recommends using this salve to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well. 

Vacation Glow from Mahalo
Can’t get enough of tamanu? You’re free to use as much of it as you want over your whole body and even hair with this multipurpose beauty oil. It contains tamanu oil, sea buckthorn, kukui oil, and CoQ10 to deliver intense moisturizing relief to dry skin, as well as anti-aging benefits to help restore your glow. Using this oil on hair also helps to soften and brighten strands, as well as fight frizz.

Youth Face Serum from Root Science
Still not a fan of facial oils? We get you. If you still want to enjoy the benefits of tamanu oil without bothering with a facial oil or DIY formula, try this powerful serum instead that absorbs more easily into skin. It’s packed with the best anti-aging plant oils, such as prickly pear seed oil and grape seed oil, yet still has a medium weight to it that can be layered on as a serum. Contains superior quality organic cold-pressed oils and essential oils for a truly deluxe experience.

While tamanu oil isn’t quite as popular an ingredient as argan oil or rosehip oil are, its healing properties have been used for a range of skin concerns, from acne to burn wounds, and is a versatile ingredient that’s found in more and more clean beauty formulas. If you’re a botanical oil connoisseur, or if you’re simply looking for a beauty oil to help soothe your irritated skin, tamanu oil is one worth trying for a pampering skin treatment. What’s your favorite way to use these rich plant oil?

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