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Why You Should Use a Tea Tree Oil Body Wash to Fight Bacne

Turns out you can add a bacne-fighting treatment straight to your usual bath time routine!

Tea Tree Oil Body WashOh, bacne. This form of bodily acne has become so notorious, it’s earned itself its own nickname. While there’s nothing shameful about back acne (or anything type of acne for that matter!), it can get pretty painful and irritating at times. Turns out you can add that bacne-fighting treatment straight to your usual bath time routine. We’re talking about a tea tree oil body wash. Tea tree oil not only isn’t a natural way of treating acne-causing bacteria. It comes with anti-fungal properties too that can help purify your pores for smoother skin.

Benefits of a tea tree oil body wash

Fights acne

If we were to list one single natural ingredient to help you fight your breakouts, we’d easily recommend tea tree oil. It’s not just any ol’ essential oil that people enjoy for its scent. Tea tree oil has traditionally been used in aboriginal Australian medicine to treat and disinfect wounds. It played a role in World War II too by being a gentler alternative to benzoyl peroxide in disinfecting wounds. 

Research has shown that tea tree oil can directly prevent and treat infections. That’s good news for people with severe acne, since common blackheads and whiteheads can get pretty painful once bacteria colonizes your pores.

It’s important to note though that tea tree oil is toxic when ingested, and should be used in as low concentration as possible to avoid irritating skin. That’s why we highly recommend sticking with a tea tree oil body wash that you can use to purify your pores and rinse off afterwards. As long as you select a body wash from a brand that’s experienced with working with plant chemistry and ingredients, your skin and health should be safe. However, we’d definitely consult a doctor if you’re battling other skin or health conditions before trying this new ingredient.

Fights stench-causing bacteria

The antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil make it ideal for deodorizing after a sweaty workout. It’s even commonly used in deodorants!

Best tea tree oil body washes

Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Body and Foot Wash from Pure Body Naturals
A plant-based body wash packed with moisturizing oils and natural antibacterial ingredients. You’ll love the olive oil and jojoba oil that soften skin without greasing it up, as well as the antioxidant-rich pomegranate and sea buckthorn oil to help nourish and balance skin. Tea tree oil helps fight bacterial infections, while Vitamin E helps promote healing.

Tea Tree Wash Majestic PureTea Tree Wash Majestic PureTea Tree Wash from Majestic Pure
This body wash contains a 5% concentration of tea tree oil, which is the maximum strength at which it’s still safe to use on skin. It’s a potent formula that helps wash away impurities, without drying out your skin. That’s why it’s named an Antifungal Body Wash & Foot Soap! Use it all around your body to cleanse and deodorize. It’s packed with botanicals that are rich with essential fatty acids for balanced, healthier skin.

Botanique Wash from Mukti Organics
Body washes don’t have to be boring. This botanical-based body wash contain the refreshing scent of lemon-scented tea tree oil and sweet red clover for an invigorating bath time experience. It also includes May Chang Essential for an energizing, lemony scent. This formula is gentle enough to use on the whole body, as well as hands! 

Sea Buckthorn & Tea Tree Soap from Soap & Salve CompanySea Buckthorn & Tea Tree Soap from Soap & Salve CompanySea Buckthorn & Tea Tree Soap from Soap & Salve Company
Prefer a bar soap over a liquid body wash? This soap is so packed with intensely nourishing botanicals, it’s hard to believe it’s not an ingredients list for a shower gel formula! It contains organic sea buckthorn oil that’s packed with healing and softening fatty acids, as well as organic green tea to help balance your skin’s oil production and soothe inflamed skin. It comes in a conveniently large bar that’s perfect for body scrubbing.

Bamboo Charcoal SoapBamboo Charcoal SoapBamboo Charcoal Soap from Herbivore
Struggling with clogged pores? That happens if your pores are naturally large, and are clogged by excess oil, sweat, and dead skin cells more easily. This gentle yet detoxifying bar soap contains bamboo charcoal to draw impurities from deep within your pores, and is ideal for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. 

Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Bar from Lather
Plant-based oils can achieve a creamy lather too! Activated bamboo charcoal draws out debris and oil from pores, while tea tree oil soothes and purifies skin. Comes with a stimulating lemony scent from lemon peel oil that also helps to degrease.

Tea tree oil body washes are effective and gentle enough to use everyday. Just be sure to massage the formula into your pores for at least 20 seconds to help work the active ingredients into your pores, and rinse thoroughly afterwards to avoid irritation.

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