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The Revolutionary Revival of the Skin Elixir

Here’s how you can gently refresh and boost your skin glow

Skin care waters have come a long way since the days of old-fashioned rose waters and other botanical offerings. Now, traditional Japanese essences produced with sake production provide deep hydration for skin. In contrast to this, Western toners tend to be heavily alcohol-based concoctions used in treating acne or oiliness—which often result in worsening such conditions if not properly formulated. Fortunately, modern technology has given us better ways of caring for our skin.

The clean beauty space is revolutionizing skincare with its new water-based tonics and essences that contain a high concentration of active ingredients, enabling them to be as effective as most serums. Their transformative results are garnering much attention, combining all the essential benefits such as pore purification, skin softening, glow improvement, toning and brightening effects in one single formula. These potent concoctions can replace an entire daily routine!

By utilizing water-soluble ingredients that penetrate the skin differently than oil-based products, users of this product can experience a more comprehensive approach to their skincare regimen. Unlike other moisturizers and serums on the market, these ingredients provide an unstoppable combination for your skin needs.

Not only does a skin-care tonic or essence revive and invigorate your skin in the short term, its long-term benefits can be immense. Used consistently over time, it helps to brighten and smooth the complexion while boosting collagen production. Additionally, this mild exfoliation makes subsequent treatments penetrate deeper so that they are more effective – maximizing all of the hard work you put into taking care of your skin!

Face Toner

Revitalize and Illuminate with Treatment Essence

Vintner’s Daughter has created a sensational product that is sure to transform your skin – Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence. Its powerful, water-soluble essence contains over thirty active botanicals, meticulously distilled from its natural sources and then blended with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, microalgae, lactic acid and apple cider vinegar. Plus pre- and probiotics! This blend of ingredients provides superior hydration as well as mild exfoliation – but you’ll be amazed when it’s used in conjunction with the Active Botanical Serum!

Get Poreless, Luminous Skin with Tonic

This daily-use, highly active pore-refining treatment made with Aloe, MSM, calming Lavender and vegetable sulfur helps clear pores and refine texture. The 100% Pure’s Lavender Tonique purifies pores while refreshing and hydrating your complexion.

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