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Transform Your Look for Valentine’s Day

Effortless and Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Makeup

Add a splash of vibrancy to your Valentine’s Day makeup this year with our lusciously vibrant lip look. With only a few neutral colors, you can create an eye-catching statement in no time. Think big lips and dramatic lashes – the perfect combination for turning heads on February 14th. Follow our easy steps or watch our video tutorial to learn how to recreate the look.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial 

  1. Enhance your makeup look with the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette
  2. Utilize packing brush to effortlessly blend your favorite haze-colored eyeshadow into the crease. The brush will also come in handy for applying lighter layers of color and completing this look flawlessly.
  3. Achieve a perfect smoky eye with a blending brush. Its unique design glides over your lids, effortlessly blending in your favorite haze-colored eyeshadow into the crease.
  4. Softly blend the shade luster along your upper and lower lashline with a Crease Brush to create an eye-catching look.
  5. In order to achieve dramatic-looking lashes, start at the root of your upper and lower eyelashes with Volumizing Mascara in black. Swirl the brush back and forth to evenly coat both sets of eyelashes for a show-stopping look.
  6. For a beautiful, naturally flushed look, apply 100% Fruit Pigmented® Blush to the apples of your cheeks. Follow this rosy cheeks tutorial for an effortless and luminous finish.
  7. Complete your romantic Valentine’s Day makeup look with a pop of color- Lipstick in shade coquette. 

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