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Use A Setting Powder Brush For Your Setting Powder Application

Introducing Setting Powder Brush 

Makeup mavens and beauty experts concur – the correct tools can help elevate your look from pretty to truly remarkable. Utilizing the incorrect brush not only impacts the application and effectiveness of your makeup, but it may also cause fallout plus an unnecessary waste of product (and we’d all prefer our favorite cosmetics to last longer!). When using Setting Powder, finding just the right brush was imperative for optimal results.

The Tapered Setting Powder Brush is perfectly sculpted for light, effortless application of Bamboo Blur Powder. Its unique ‘tulip’ shape with tapered ends allows you to strategically apply product with minimal fallout – PBT Synthetic bristles ensure each swipe releases the perfect amount of powder onto your complexion! Enjoy a flawless finish and feel glamorous as you flaunt its luxurious look in hand!

Lock in your look with setting powder, the perfect finishing touch to any makeup routine. This lightweight and sheer product is designed to keep you looking flawless all day long and reduce shine for an even complexion. With its velvety texture, this must-have product creates a smooth finish that will complete your beauty look! To achieve a long-lasting, flawless finish, apply setting powder using a brush specifically designed for this purpose.


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