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10 Easy Self Care Ideas for Daily Relaxation

Quick yet fulfilling activities to fit into your busy daily life.

Self Care IdeasFeel overwhelmed? In the hustle bustle of social media and globalization, our generation has been opening up to the concept of self care more and more. But self care is still a greatly underrated activity! It requires daily effort, but there are so many different ways you can go about it for your own comfort level. Whether it’s something sedentary or more active, there’s definitely an activity out there to help you really wind down and relax. Here are some of our favorite self care ideas that are easy to fit into any busy day.

  1. Meditate

We know, meditation is hard to get into, and it’s hard to believe that doing nothing can really help you feel better. But meditation is hardly that. Pay attention to your breath and listen to your thoughts without judging them. To help you focus on the present moment, you can also light a candle, or diffuse some essential oil. Mental focus and deep breathing will help center you and prepare you for whatever you’re doing next. There are plenty of meditation guides online to help you get started, as well as meditation apps and podcasts.

  1. Podcast

We love podcasts. They’re a nice change of pace from TV shows, and many of them are focused on motivational speakers and self-help programs. And they’re regularly updated, so you can count on them to post updates so you can tune in and relax. Play a podcast during your commute or while doing chores to help you get past the monotony of daily tasks a bit. 

  1. Read a book

There are so many benefits to reading a good book, such as immersing yourself in a whole new world and learning something new. Pick up an old favorite from school to bring back some good memories, or even a fantasy book to really dive into a new experience. There are also plenty of motivational and self-help books out there too. Plus, cracking open your unfinished book is something you can look forward to every day!

Coloring for adults

  1. Coloring book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids. Amp up the challenge with an adult coloring book that you can share with a friend or family member. Focusing on colors can be a therapeutic activity. And you might even hone your artistic ability at the same time. Play your favorite music as you color to really block out the outside world.

  1. Write in a journal

We’re not talking about a full-blown diary (although it can be that too!). It can be as simple as drawing the emotion you felt for the day, or more involved like writing an end-of-the-day recap as you sit in a coffee shop. Experiment with various poetry formats such as limericks or haikus if you like a good creative challenge! No need to stick to boundaries for this one. Throw in a doodle here and there to really get your feelings out.

  1. Skin care facial

Feeling extra self-conscious, or had a drop in self-confidence? Getting some extra skin care into your daily routine is a great way to relax and love your skin, while also improving its appearance. Give yourself an at-home facial, and even incorporate a tool like a gua sha to promote blood circulation and a glowing complexion. Focusing on massaging your face is a good use of positive mental effort, and will boost your glow too. 

  1. DIY activity

Getting your hands working on a creative project at home is a great way of being productive, while giving your mind a break from work, school, or other personal life problems. Try making a handmade card for someone you appreciate, or even a DIY face mask that you can make with ingredients from your kitchen or pantry. Make the activity even more fun by inviting some good friends over, and work on a more difficult task together. 

Pottery Class for Adults

  1. Take a class

Learning something new is a great way to gain self-confidence. Having someone teach you is an even better way of gaining guidance, and if you’re taking a class, it’s also a great way to meet new people! Try something creative like pottery, or even learn a new language to really exercise your brain. There are also plenty of free classes you can take online through various websites and social media platforms if you want something with less commitment. 

  1. Digital detox

We love social media, but sometimes it can distract ourselves from listening to our own needs. Take a break from intaking content from other people’s lives for once. What matters is where you are now and how you feel about yourself. You can avoid social media for a few days or weeks, or even do less and just clean up your “Following” list. Spend time only on what you really need, and what benefits you.

  1. Go on a walk

Walking is an aerobic exercise, and gets your whole body working on intaking more fresh air for a clearer mind. Visit a new hiking trail nearby, or even take a short walk to a bookstore or new cafe that opened in your town. Get your blood flowing with that extra movement, and focus on keeping your back straight and your head tall for a boost in confidence. Increasing your speed to a brisker walk is also a good workout that keeps your whole mind and body healthier in the long run. 


Remember, it’s not about throwing all your resources at once into a single activity. Giving yourself even an extra 10 minutes to focus just on yourself everyday can make a big difference on your mental state. Practice self care often and make it part of your routine. But don’t feel forced to practice your self care activities either! 

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