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11 Amazing Salon and Spa Treatments in NYC

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Searching for a luxurious microcurrent facial? Craving an indulgent, total-body detox in an infrared sauna? How about a soothing scalp massage that will leave you wanting more?

Whatever your beauty desires, from killer blowouts to quick makeup refreshers, there’s something out there just waiting for you. Don’t waste another minute—go get the pampering experience of your dreams!

New York City is brimming with wonderful beauty and wellness venues, so let us help you find the perfect spot for your needs! With a carefully selected range of hair salons, spas, skin specialists, boutiques offering all-around glamorization services, and detox centers, to name just a few options, we make sure that wherever you want to go in NYC will be precisely where our directions take you.

Rejuvenating Potions and Exquisite Skin Care Solutions

CAP Beauty

With its fitting acronym, CAP (Clean and Pure), this refined boutique situated in the West Village is renowned for offering a carefully curated selection of clean beauty brands.

Customers may also book appointments for some truly calming facials lasting either sixty or ninety minutes, with the Cap Classic Facial being an absolute favorite due to its impressive combination of gentle extractions, exfoliation, and detoxifying face massage that will leave your skin feeling energized with a magnificent glow!

The Purifying Facial is perfect for anyone looking to clear congestion, while our Mama’s Signature Facial was specially designed with expecting and nursing moms in mind – intended to restore balance, comfort, and vitality. Both facials come complete with a luxury spa experience!

Finest Clean, Non Toxic Treatments Available

Shen Beauty

Led by the most inquisitive and vivacious mind in the beauty business, this original clean beauty boutique is renowned for uncovering upcoming brands before anyone else. Shopping here is always an exciting experience—each product is 100% non-toxic, with notable favorites such as May Lindstrom, Pai Skincare, and RMS Beauty.

However, the true secret of this place is its incredible spa treatments. From Ayurvedic massages to eyebrow shaping and hair removal, there truly is something for everyone here! The Signature Treatment should definitely be on your list though; it’s a customizable detox with LED light therapy, dermaplaning, peels, ZIIP current, and microdermabrasion included. For an extra invigorating experience, try out their Revealing Eye Therapy, which utilizes icicles to relax and rejuvenate the delicate skin under your eyes.

Luxurious Scalp Massage Experience

Rob Peetoom

Experience a luxurious scalp massage that is so calming, it will give you goosebumps! The Hairscalp Massage Ritual offers an hour-long session in which the client reclines comfortably in a deluxe treatment chair and their head is enveloped by warm steam.

Their hairstylist then performs massages, caresses, kneads, and works on the scalp for ultimate pampering. Rejuvenate with this blissful ritual—we guarantee you’ll keep returning again and again!

Salon visits aren’t just about new ‘dos. According to many of the top stylists, massaging the scalp is essential for keeping your tresses healthy and strong. The salon experience also includes other services like blowouts, haircuts, eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, and makeup with Ilia Cosmetics that’s perfect whether you want something subtle or glamorously dramatic!

Experience the Miracle of Well-Being at a Holistic Spa


Barbara Close, having studied the power of natural healing through herbal therapies and integrative medicine, founded Naturopathica to combine wellness and spa services. Step inside this botanical haven to discover a boutique stocked with enormous glass tincture vials waiting for you to sample the beautiful skincare products; nourishing teas; and powerful elixirs that are in those very same containers!

Step into a dimly lit, comforting oasis that is surprisingly larger than expected. Enjoy the delectable and revitalizing tonic bar where you can sip on cold-pressed juices, delicious kombucha (the grapefruit-mint flavor will leave your taste buds tantalized), or frothy herbal lattes.

Plus, immerse yourself in luxurious spa treatments like massages tailored to fit your needs, rejuvenating facials with natural products, and delightful scalp treatments—it’s nothing short of pure bliss!

The Blue Eucalyptus Energizing Massage is a perfect combination of deep-tissue and acupressure techniques that work together to relax the body; if your skin needs revitalization from environmental damage, then look no further than our Bio-Energy Lift Facial – this luxurious treatment helps to smooth out lines and plump with nourishing sea fern extracts as well as a special copper-amino acid complex.

To combat built-up tension in the body, try our Nirvana Stress Relief Massage: Not only will you receive an invigorating arm and hand massage designed specifically for computer hands, but you’ll also indulge in a full body deep tissue massage, guaranteed to recharge both mind and body.

Unlock Your Skin’s True Beauty With Cupping, Gua Sha and More

Shellie Goldstein Acupuncture

If you have experienced treatment at our spa, then you know how soft, fresh, and rejuvenated your skin can be afterward. Our treatments are not only excellent for giving your skin the best care it deserves but also incredibly beneficial in offering relaxation to both body and mind.

Unlock the power of facial cupping to support circulation and sculpting, discover gua sha for tension relief with crystal-infused tools, or experience a luxurious microcurrent facelift—exclusive at Regi! Top it off with an opulent, bespoke treatment that blends multiple therapies into one harmonious session. Enjoy plumped skin, gentle lymphatic drainage, and unprecedented relaxation for a healthy glow all over!

Experience the Ultimate Skin-Care Retreat

SB Skin

As light streams through the windows, this inviting studio in the middle of the Flatiron district radiates a sense of warmth and comfort—it’s almost like stepping into your best friend’s living room! That serene atmosphere sets an ideal ambiance for indulging in some much-needed pampering. The Microcurrent Facial and Body Treatment is particularly rejuvenating to your skin as you luxuriate in its exquisite effects.

Just like exercising strengthens and tones your body, microcurrent utilizes a precise electrical current to contour, smooth, and tighten your face—in addition to facial massage and LED light therapy during the same visit. Further, you’ll also experience an equivalent of a workout: aestheticians apply “quantum body pads” on you that cause passive muscle contractions, which help tone the entire body.

Experience the Miracle of Laser Hair Removal

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal

We have absolute faith in Romeo & Juliette, a hair removal salon that is dedicated to providing high-quality service. Regardless of whether you want your bikini line, abdomen, face, armpits, or neck done, they offer lasers with various wavelengths to safely and effectively remove hair on every skin color and texture! Furthermore, the salon goes out of its way to provide specialized services for transgender clients transitioning through hormone replacement therapy.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

HigherDOSE Wall Street

At this spa, they’ve managed to make sweating in an infrared sauna look chic. Inside the roomy personal saunas, you’ll find great music and chromotherapy—yes, everyone looks even better surrounded by a red-tinted light! The combination of near-, mid-, and far-infrared waves warms your body from within; allowing for maximum detoxification through sweat. Once you rinse off afterward in the shower, get ready to start your day feeling entirely energized and rejuvenated!

Special Day Hairstyle

Butterfly Studio Salon

A trip to Butterfly, an elegant salon based in the Flatiron district, will make you feel like a new person! They specialize in expertly crafting special-occasion hair for weddings, dinner parties, and black-tie events that are beautiful yet effortless. As you leave this oasis of beauty feeling confident and fabulous—with every step radiating a newfound air of grace—it’s sure to be money well spent.

Even the most talented at-home stylists can be left scratching their heads when it comes to that final finishing touch. But professional hair artists can add an unexpected, creative element—like a barrette or bobby pin—to your updo and make all the difference in bringing out its beauty. And if you don’t have any events on your evening agenda, why not spoil yourself with one of their other fabulous services like cuts, colors, extensions, or deep conditioning treatments?

Relaxation with a Facial Massage


Have you ever experienced a massage specifically dedicated to relieving facial tension? FaceLove’s three signature treatments—FrenchLove, PureLove, and Wholelove—all concentrate on utilizing acupressure, exercise, and massage techniques to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. As soon as your jaw or forehead relaxes, it will feel remarkable; not only that, but you’ll appear extraordinary afterward too! Indulge yourself—try FaceLove today!

Rejuvenating Facials

Take Care

Sadie Adams has formulated a special therapy to assist clients with restoring and gaining vigor from within. This method is based on her teachings at the School for Body-Mind Centering, Ayurvedic Institute, and her yoga therapy studies.

With the success of Take Care Face & Body in NYC, Adams launched a second location, the Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration, in Venice, CA. Her treatments are an amalgamation of scientific knowledge, ancient wisdom, and intuitive awareness to encourage both physical and spiritual healing. Moreover, she offers microcurrent facials that help alleviate tension by revitalizing marma points on your face while providing holistic wellness all over your body.

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