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3 Steps for Perfect Skin With Glycolic Acid

Get Ready For a Flawless Skin

This 3-step treatment emphasizes the potent exfoliating power of Glycolic Acid. This highly concentrated Alpha Hydroxy acid deeply penetrates the outermost layer of your skin to release cells from one another, revealing a fresher and healthier complexion. With regular use, you’ll be able to rediscover beautiful, smooth skin!

If you’re looking for brighter, smoother skin that’s nourished and hydrated, then AHAs are your best bet. Concentrations of 5-10% will provide the most efficient results from daily use. Unlike physical scrubs that can be abrasive to certain types of skin, chemical exfoliants like AHA promote overall vitality without any harsh ingredients. In this regard, this Glycolic trio is a perfect routine tailored to suit all your skin’s needs with varying levels of sensitivity in mind – find out which mix works best for you.


Dermalogica Daily Glycolic Cleanser is a powerful cleanser to help combat acne-prone and hyperpigmented skin, revealing a rejuvenated complexion. Not only does it deeply cleanse the skin but also promotes cell regeneration for optimal effects with toners and moisturizers. For those suffering from breakouts or environmental damages, this would be an ideal product to add into your routine up to five times per week.


SkinCeuticals’ LHA Toner is the perfect solution for anyone looking to target skin prone to breakouts. This potent triple-action formula cleanses and purifies pores, eliminating excess residue and dead skin cells while also actively treating your complexion without causing any over drying or irritation. Spray a small amount onto a cotton round after cleansing, then gently sweep it across the face until fully absorbed – this can be done daily or as tolerated in order to uncover vibrant new healthy cells.


If you have dry, combination skin with uneven texture, Lancer Skincare Retexturizing Treatment Cream is the perfect solution. This luxe moisturizer combines powerful hydration with a Glycolic Acid 10% complex to help reduce fine lines and refine pores for a brighten complexion. Use nightly after cleansing and toning for maximum effect.


Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and retinoids act as brighteners that make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays – in other words, do not forget SPF protection! Always ensure you finish off your morning skincare routine by applying an SPF 15 or higher broad-spectrum sunscreen.

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