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Begin 2023 with a Focus on Skincare

10 Tips for Glowing Skin this Year

Our appearance is constantly evolving with the latest trends, but having a healthy, radiant complexion never goes out of style. Why wait for the New Year when you can start now to pamper your skin and set new skincare goals? Make this instant change in your life today and give yourself an effortless glow!

1. Refresh your Skincare Selection

If you’re anything like us, your bathroom products are plentiful. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that skincare items do not have an unlimited shelf life! Be sure to check the label of each product for a small jar icon with a number inside; this indicates how many months after opening the item is suitable for use.

To ensure your skincare collection remains organized and up-to-date, sort through all the products every 6 months. Keep those that work for you while discarding those that don’t. As a bonus tip: write down the date of opening on each container with permanent marker – this will make life easier in the future!

2. Moisturize Day and Night 

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy with a daily moisturizer. In the morning, it helps to replenish lost moisture and plump up your complexion for a smooth base before applying makeup. At night, regular moisturizing will help repair any damage done throughout the day while you sleep – so that when you wake up in the morning, your skin is refreshed and radiant!

No matter what kind of skin you have – dry, oily or combination – it’s critical to keep your skin hydrated! Not only will this help maintain healthy cell renewal but also helps combat the signs of aging. Keeping moisturized is a key step in any skincare routine and can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a youthful complexion.

3. Face Mask

By wearing a facial mask on a regular basis, you’ll be able to notice profound changes in your skin. Make it part of your beauty routine and apply one up to three times per week after cleansing for the best results. As you let the product work its wonders, sit back and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time!

4. Exfoliate Frenquently

Enhancing your complexion is a cinch when you use products that can be readily absorbed. Clear away dead skin cells, improve cell turnover and uncover luminous-looking skin. Your skincare will penetrate more easily, while makeup application will become easier to blend in with the natural texture of your face.

5. Use SPF Everyday

Listen up: WEAR SUNSCREEN. Every day, no exceptions. SPF should be applied to your face, neck and décolletage every single morning. Make it part of your regular beauty routine; try a tinted moisturizer or primer with SPF for an all-in-one solution. Don’t forget – you need protection on the areas that are often forgotten too such as the forearms and backs of hands! It’s effortless to make sure these spots stay healthy… So why not go ahead?

6. Always Remove Your Makeup 

Every night, your skin repairs itself to its full potential – but makeup left on doesn’t help that. To keep from having blocked pores and premature aging, create a nighttime skincare routine for yourself! If you’re the type who usually forgets about their skincare steps before bedtime, try removing your makeup as soon as you walk through the door. Have an extra bottle of makeup remover & cotton pads placed next to your bedside so you won’t miss it even if it slips your mind throughout the day.

7. Wash Your Brushes 

Taking the time to clean your makeup brushes is not exactly a pleasant task, however it’s essential for preventing bacteria build-up. Plus, when you look after them properly, makeup brushes can easily last for many years – saving you money in the long run. Therefore make sure that you take care of your beauty tools and enjoy their lifetime benefits.

To keep your most-used brushes in pristine condition, make sure to set aside time each week for cleaning. Start by running the brush head under warm water and swirl it into a drop of baby shampoo nestled in the palm of your hand; then rinse with fresh water until all suds have been removed. You’ll be left with immaculate makeup tools that are just as good as new.

8. Invest in Quality Makeup 

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! When you put so much effort into maintaining the balance of your skin, make sure you don’t spoil it with makeup that clogs pores. Mineral makeup is a great choice as it’s talc-free and won’t cause any blemishes or aggravate the skin like other kinds might. Plus, there are no nasty surprises; mineral makeup doesn’t settle into fine lines like some products do.

9. Tackle Skin Issues Head-on

The beauty industry is always inventing new, revolutionary ingredients and products – meaning that no matter what skincare problems you are facing, from hyperpigmentation to wrinkles, there’s a solution for everything. Now more than ever it’s time to take charge of your own destiny and put an end to those pesky skin woes.

10. Consult with a Skincare Specialist 

Give your skin the pampering it deserves and supplement your home skincare routine with regular visits to an esthetician. Skincare experts have a range of insight that can help you achieve the desired results, plus access to top-notch exfoliants and peels! By combining these treatments with consistent care from home, you’ll give your skin that extra boost it craves.

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