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Four Steps to a Perfectly Polished Foundation

Tips&Tricks to Flawless Foundation

With its various textures, finishes, and coverage options, selecting the right foundation for your skin can be a difficult decision. To achieve that “your skin but better” look you’re striving for, choose foundations powered by skincare ingredients to create an effortless second-skin finish – even when opting for full coverage.

If you want to achieve your most gorgeous complexion yet, here are four simple steps for flawless foundation.

1st – PRIMER

Make your skin look flawless by using a primer before any other makeup. Many may ask why they need to use it – that’s because primers provide an even layer on the face, disguising wrinkles and blemishes in order to give you a smooth canvas for foundation application! Not only does it create the perfect base but its long-lasting effects will also make sure your makeup stays put all day.

If your foundation has been smudging, creasing and disappearing too quickly, then adding a primer to your daily makeup routine could be the key to making a marked improvement.

A few basic steps can go a long way. You could use either Face Primer or Tinted Primer SPF 50 with the help of a liquid foundation brush, but if you need to absorb oil on your face, Mattifying Primer is here as your savior! It should be applied in small sections using only our fingers.


Find your perfect mineral foundation formula, be it powder, cream or liquid in a range of full to sheer coverage – and don’t forget to pick the shade that’s right for you.

To achieve a perfect foundation application, the brush you choose is key. Invest in an all-around foundation brush like Wander Beauty’s Nude Illusion Dual Foundation Brush and see just how flawless your makeup looks. The type of foundation you decide to use will determine the shape and structure of your makeup brush – with loose powder requiring more elongated bristles, while a liquid or cream foundation should be applied using tightly packed bristles or even a blending sponge. A general rule is that looser textures require brushes with softer, less-dense bristles for seamless application.


Achieving flawless, perfect skin may seem out of reach at times, but don’t despair! Your foundation will usually cover up any discoloration or blemishes you are trying to hide – but adding a concealer for extra coverage is always an option. Just remember that it’s best to use the least amount of product possible when concealing so your look still appears natural and effortless. And make sure to put on your concealer after applying foundation for maximum effect with minimal usage.

Not only can concealers be used to hide blemishes and flaws, but they are also an excellent choice for adding a subtle glow to certain areas of the face. With these mineral-based formulas, you will experience effortless coverage while easily evening out your skin tone. Make sure you select the right formula that best suits your needs – it’ll make all the difference in bringing out your natural beauty!


We all know how precious our time is, yet there’s one overlooked step that can dramatically improve your look: setting it. With a finishing powder or hydrating mist, you’ll be able to keep your foundation in place and enjoy long-lasting coverage without any fading. This essential part of the beauty routine will upgrade your appearance from finished to flawless.

Whether you like a sheer finish, full coverage foundation or something in between, these steps will help you to achieve your ideal makeup application with a natural and radiant glow. Remember to explore brushes, different shades of foundation, finishes that match each skin type as well as the advantages of using natural foundation for the perfect look.

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