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Still looking for the perfect gift?

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be difficult to figure out what gifts you should buy for those who are nearest and dearest. Whether your family is far away or close by, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone–all that needs doing is finding it! Despite beauty items being highly individualistic choices, when gifted with thoughtfulness they reveal how much we care about someone and comprehend their desires. To help make this process easier than ever before (and take some of the stress off!), we’ve made a list of best selling products suitable for every single person on your gift-giving list.


Moms, treat yourself to Restorative Sea Culture Extra Riche Créme! With its luxuriously rich texture and wrinkle-fighting plant stem cells, your skin will bask in a soothing spa experience right at home. Experience smoother looking skin that radiates with enhanced luminosity – all without leaving the house!


Show her some love this holiday and surprise her with the Bare My Love Nail Set – a must-have for all beauty lovers! Not only will it help her keep up with mani and pedi, but its travel-friendly features make it perfect for on the go use. Be sure to be the first one to introduce her to something that she’ll never forget!

Best Friend

She’s been there for you through it all – why not return the favor? Offer her the fantastic duo of Daily Power C and Daily Hydration serums. Daily Power C shields from environmental damage, while Daily Hydration replenishes skin with a surge of hydration in an instant! Surprise her today with these two fabulous products that are sure to make her feel special.

New Mom

To the new mothers in your life, we understand that sleep is a luxury. Thus, give them the gift of Retinol PM Eye Cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles while they catch up on rest. Treat her with an indulgent spa treatment too! With this thoughtful combination, she’ll soon be back to feeling like her old self again!


Seeking a more affordable yet amazing present? Give your beloved the gift of Suede Matte or Cream Glaze lip products. Not only are they easy to use and long-lasting, but these gifts will give her extra time with her new bundle of joy! Need the presents in time for Christmas?

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