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Maple Holistics Silk 18 Shampoo Review After 3 Weeks

The perfect combination of innovative ingredients and age-old trusted botanicals in an affordable shampoo.

Maple Holistics Silk 18

We’re all aware that a good hair conditioner can make or break your look. It’s what helps us achieve those soft and silky locks, and helps repair damaged hair to their former glory. But have you thought about what the right shampoo can do to combat your hair woes? We’re talking about itchy scalps, clogged hair follicles, and even frizzy hair that can stem from the skin on your scalp. Shampoos are seriously underrated products in our beauty routines, and we were so excited to shine the spotlight on them when Maple Holistics sent us their Silk 18 Shampoo to review. We’re here to give you a breakdown on this clean shampoo formula, and share with you our honest thoughts after testing the product.

Maple Holistics Silk 18 Shampoo formula

When we first caught a glimpse of the ingredients label for this product, we were already excited to give it a test run in the shower. A simple 6 ingredients make up this formula. Are 6 ingredients really enough to clear up pores and wash out excess grease and microbes, all without stripping your hair of necessary moisture? With the right blend of ingredients, yes! And it comes with the benefits of being sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free as well.

Argan oil

There’s plenty of reason for why this well-loved plant oil is otherwise known as “liquid gold.” Argan oil has actually been found to reduce the amount of sebum on skin. So if you’re battling an especially greasy scalp, argan oil can help you do the job to calm down all that oil production, without drying out your hair. It’s a wonderfully lightweight oil that won’t clog pores.

In addition, argan oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E with potent anti-inflammatory properties that may help quell scalp conditions and itchy symptoms.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil boasts many of the similar properties that argan oil holds. Its claim to fame is the fact that its composition of fatty acids make it similar to the sebum our body naturally produces to condition our skin. Its high compatibility with both hair and skin make it the perfect shampoo ingredient.

Struggling with scalp infections such as folliculitis? Jojoba oil is naturally antibacterial too.

Botanical keratin

Fancy getting on the keratin treatment train? Keratin treatments might not sound too bad at first, since keratin is the protein that’s naturally found in hair and skin. Keratin forms the outer protective layer of our skin and hair, and plays an essential part in their health and appearance.

The thing is, many conventional keratin treatments involve a little more risk than simply applying this pure ingredient to your scalp. This semi-permanent treatment is supposed to smooth out your cuticle and create the appearance of sleek smooth hair. But it comes at a cost in terms of health. During a keratin treatment, a cream containing formaldehyde and keratin is brushed into your hair, and your hair is then flat-ironed with heat. While it might temporarily make your hair feel silky smooth, the combination of formaldehyde and high heat are hardly a recipe for healthier hair in the long term

If you’re interested in a less damaging method of adding keratins to your hair routine, you’ll love the fact that the Silk18 Shampoo from Maple Holistics contains a dose of botanical keratins in it!

Silk amino acids

Here’s a rather high tech sounding hair solution: add 18 silk amino acids to your shampoo! Its high amino acid content makes it beneficial in keeping your skin and hair moisturized. It’s able to aid in binding moisture to your skin and hair. If you’re suffering from an itchy flakey situation thanks to scalp eczema or psoriasis, it might be worth trying silk amino acids to help soothe your scalp (and double checking with your doctor of course to see if it’s compatible with the rest of your treatment regimen!).

Before and after using the Silk18 Shampoo

A little of this shampoo really goes a long way. The texture of it is exactly what you might think from what you see through the packaging. It’s a smooth, creamy gel-like formula that easily comes out of the squeeze bottle, rather than other clean shampoos that might have a more messy, runny consistency. Our shampoo tester commented on the rich lather that they were easily able to create after massaging the shampoo gently into their scalp. Soft, pillow goodness on your head! The formula was easy to rinse out and left their scalp feeling refreshed. The only thing they would have preferred was a more subtle vanilla scent.

Of course, the real test was how much our tester would enjoy the shampoo after a few washings. Our shampoo tester used the Silk18 Shampoo for 3 weeks to see how it would make their eczema-ridden scalp feel. After the 3 week mark, our tester noticed that their scalp was noticeably more flake-free and itch-free, and they didn’t need to wash their hair as often to clear away the dry flakes of skin. (A note regarding the before-and-after photos: our shampoo tester doesn’t use conditioners and only uses hair oils after washing, and both these photos were taken before applying a hair oil)

Our final verdict

Whether you’re looking for a new natural shampoo to clean up your bathroom vanity, or are simply interested in switching up your formula to help easy your scalp conditions, the Silk18 Shampoo from Maple Holistics is a competitive option. With its affordable price, and combination of both innovative ingredients and age-old trusted botanicals, we think all beauty lovers would highly enjoy using this luscious shampoo (for more luscious hair!).

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