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Risk-Free Tanning Experience

Preparing for my weekend nuptials in Belize, I opted to get a spray tan. It looked radiant until the sand from running around barefoot and swimming in the pool wiped away all of it! Unfortunately, with such a short journey, lugging an entire bottle wasn’t feasible. Are there any travel-sized self-tanning products out there?

Through the years, I have had to check a bag for even short trips. That was until this summer, when it all changed due to one dilemma. Who doesn’t want an impressive tan while on vacation? Especially in balmy climates! But not everyone can just go SPF-free and join the other bronzed beachgoers without looking blotchy or pale themselves.

So why bother spending hours trying to get that natural glow back when you could be having fun instead? With my solution, there’s no reason why your skin won’t look sleek and vibrant as soon as you arrive—and stay that way at least until your plane rides home.

Vacation time is the perfect place to get your tan on, however, it can be tricky when chlorine and sand are around. Self-tanning products usually come in large bottles or tubes, which often don’t meet TSA regulations, so you need a backup plan! The good news is that with some creativity and preparation, there are smaller alternatives available for achieving those beachy vibes without breaking any rules.

I was beyond delighted to learn that Vita Liberata created clean, nontoxic tanning cloths. I decided to take them on a beach getaway with me to Long Island, and the two packets were lighter than my tube of lip balm! Plus, it hardly took up any space in my bag. Two cloths? Absolutely necessary—sand, chlorine, and saltwater can be quite unforgiving after all!

I was already blessed with a slight golden tan from the Self Tan Bronzing Mist, so I decided to take it up a notch and apply some body luminizer for extra sparkle. After slipping into my favorite strappy dress, I felt like a beachy goddess ready to head out! The night culminated in taking in the spellbinding magnificence of Long Island’s full summer moon while indulging in delicious lobster rolls on Egypt Beach—talk about perfection!

By the second day, after a long walk and swim in the ocean (covered head-to-toe in SPF 50), followed by a dip in the pool, I had acquired an ankle-cut farmer’s tan similar to that of a professional tennis player. My overall tan was beginning to fade, so before settling into bed for the night, I opened up my packet of self-tanner and slathered it all over my body—including my face!

In a flash, I got the job done. One cloth was more than enough to dot my ankles and toes with Organic Rosehip Oil, my go-to moisturizer while on holiday. It had dried almost immediately post-application, so no self-tanner smell remained; Vita Liberata somehow managed to achieve a strong color payoff without any lingering odor! Instead of an unappealing scent, what followed was a delicate aroma of coconut and gardenia. What could be better?

When I woke up that morning, my skin glowed with a perfect, even tan—all from one cloth! This beautiful hue remained for the entire following week; someone at work complimented me on how refreshed I looked. A subtle tan appears to be perceived as ‘rested’ by many people, and this fact makes me delighted. And although I still use my Self Tan Bronzing Mist when not traveling, now packing is no longer something to dread- thanks to my newfound relationship with the TSA!

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