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Products To Keep on Your Shelf

Discover what’s essential for your shelf to keep you looking and feeling hydrated!

Start The Day

Each morning begins with a Cream Cleanser, paired with the Daily Power C and the Eye Serum. Depending on how humid or dry it is outside,  then proceed to either Pore Refine Hydrator or Skin Firming Cream to achieve maximum hydration and skin radiance. Finally, protection from harmful UV rays is essential so a generous application of SPF 50 before heading out for the day seems like an absolute must!

Achieve Glowy Skin with an Effortless Evening Routine!

Begin your routine with a Cleanser and Firming Serum, then apply Eye Cream to reduce fine lines. To provide extra hydration before you sleep, usee Face Essence – its combination of Argan Oil and active ingredients will remove environmental toxins while hydrating the skin with anti-aging properties. For an invigorated feeling, exfoliate twice weekly using  Brightening Polish. As for occasional breakouts or blemishes,  Skin Spot Treatment followed by Healing Gel provides the perfect solution!

Crafting a makeup routine

To achieve a naturally radiant look, start with Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 in Naturelle and follow it up with our medium to dark Contour Kit. Then add Cream Blush in Guava for a touch of color on your cheeks. Moving onto the eyes, begin by applying Shadow Primer as base followed by Eye Shadow in Vintage on the eyelid and Dove into the creases. Finally finish off this look with Cream Glaze and give an extra boost of hydration using Moist Hydration Mist!

Essential Products We Simply Can’t Live Without

The 100% Pure product line is the ultimate routine for clinically studied, proven results! You won’t be able to resist their Firming Serum and Eye Serum. Plus, Brightening Polish exfoliates your skin while brightening it so that all of your products penetrate deeper. Trust them—you need this in your life!

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