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Should I Look for a Body Wash Containing Moisturizers?

How to Achieve Long-Lasting Hydration

Should you use a body wash with moisturizers for your skin, or is it more beneficial to have the two products separately?

Let’s chat about body wash: It is intended to be washed off. Once water is added, most of it goes down the drain with all the chemicals used to create a foaming and moisturizing formula simultaneously. Since I am always cold, adding moisture during my shower sounds like an ideal solution—applying lotion in frigid weather isn’t something that I look forward to!

On the other hand, a quality body scrub with extra oils will cling to your skin. (Be careful, though! The same oils may leave residue in your shower or bathtub.) I like to do my scrub lightly at the end of my shower, since harsh exfoliation is not for me. This way, you reap all its amazing benefits before exiting the steamy bathroom sanctuary.

The tantalizing sunflower-scented Coconut Body Scrub, the delectable Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub with its coffee aroma, and the exfoliating Bump Eraser Scrub with Pumice Buffing Beads will leave you feeling soft and smooth. Plus, your skin will be lightly fragranced after each luxurious shower! Step out of your bathroom after every use, still warm to the touch and nourished from top to bottom.

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