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Show Off The Cat Eye Effect

Learn the Secret to Achieving a Flawless Cat Eye Look!

The iconic cat eye is a timeless beauty look. While it may appear intimidating, you can easily recreate this striking style with patience and spot-on instructions. Don’t let the delicate lines scare you; just remember that consistency and precision are key when repeating these steps to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner!

Looking for a few tricks of the trade? 

  • For a perfect lash line, begin applying Creamy Long Last Liner in either Black or Dark Brown roughly ⅓ of the way along your lid. Then gently glide it between lashes to create an alluring eye look.
  • As you reach the edge of your lid, start to raise and extend the line to form a wing. Begin at where you want it to finish then slowly create more thickness as required. Work this inwards towards your eye until desired intensity is achieved!
  • Gently move from the center of your eye to your tear duct, gradually reducing pressure and width as you go for a smooth transition between the lash line.
  • This is the perfect place to end if you are satisfied with your look! However, if you want to add extra flair and staying power then keep going with Long Last Liquid EyeLiner.
  • When applying Long Last Liquid EyeLiner, use only a light touch on the lash line to create a thin outline. Adding more thickness is always easier than taking it away! Make sure you pay attention to one area of your eye at once and complete the look with short lines instead of trying for an unbroken stroke.
  • To enrich your look, use the thin end of felt tip and start drawing a line halfway into the wing, then bring it inwards towards your eye.
  • Use your sharpened q-tip to swiftly and efficiently deal with any messes.

Congratulate yourself for nailing that killer cat eye look! Now wasn’t that easy?

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