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Skincare Tips: Keep Your Stress Levels Low and Hydrate Often

Healthy Skin

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle is key to achieving healthier-looking skin. Our environment exposes us to inflammatory stressors such as UV radiation, air pollutants, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, or sugar overload; by avoiding these negative influences we can quickly observe positive effects on our aging skin not only but also in our general health.

I’m often told I look younger than my age; I believe this is a result of good genes, combined with the right lifestyle. My mom has always had a youthful appearance, but since I was sixteen, I have followed an anti-inflammatory diet and engaged in healthy habits that have enabled me to maintain that same vibrancy as her. Taking care of myself is something that I will never waiver from; it’s super important to me!

Beauty can not be confined to an age bracket. It is ever-changing, and I have felt beautiful in various ways throughout my life. For me, beauty comes from within—it’s a feeling of healthiness, joy, and self-assurance; everything starts with how you feel from the inside out. From my mother, I learned that having healthy, moist skin does not necessitate using makeup—it’s perpetually stunning! The best advice for people regardless of their ages would be to stay relaxed—and hydrated!

1. Cleansing and Exfoliating Routine for the Face and Body

Twice a week, my skin demands to be pampered with either an Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser or Acai Pulp Facial Scrub to flush away dead cells and promote cell regeneration. For the remainder of that week, I use regular cleansing products for maintenance purposes.

2. Hydrating Moisturizer + Sunscreen

Following my cleansing routine, I apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Anti-Pollution Drops as soon as possible. After that, eye cream and face cream are great additions to ensure proper hydration of the skin before applying SPF 50 daily for ample protection against harmful UV rays.

3. Exercise, Take Time to Rest, and Relax

Achieving glowing skin isn’t just about using a cream; it’s all about incorporating a holistic approach. I make sure to avoid the usual suspects, like alcohol, sugar, and fatty foods; instead replacing them with some of my favorite anti-inflammatory options, such as avocados, salmon, and olive oil. As a vegetarian, I’m careful to top up on zinc through supplementation each day too. All this means that not only is my complexion radiant, but so is my overall health!

Achieving a restful sleep every night is an invaluable routine, as is doing some physical activity like exercising or sports daily. I’m also very devoted to my meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises while occasionally indulging in an occasional book that isn’t electronic. The Buddhist tradition has had a great impact on how I view life – which includes maintaining positive vibes and not worrying too much about the past or future but instead enjoying each moment of the present!

4. Reduce the Makeup You Wear

For any Zoom calls or in-person meetings, I rely on my Brightening Serum instead of traditional makeup. Additionally, to keep myself nourished and hydrated throughout the day, I make sure to apply a generous layer of my Lip Balm.

5. Shake Things Up

To maximize the invigorating power of my Night Serum and Face Mask, I love to blend them. Sometimes I even sleep with that combination on!

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