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Sore Muscles: Easy Steps to Find Relief

Don’t Let the Pain Dampen Your Spirit

Exercising has become a time-consuming activity for me, even though I incorporate running, biking, and hiking into my routine along with yoga and Pilates. To make matters worse, I’m now completing Tracy Anderson’s online program from home, which means more sitting than ever before!

As a result of this sedentary lifestyle combined with too little exercise, I feel discomfort in areas that shouldn’t be an issue at 37 years old. What can help alleviate pain caused by sore muscles?

I’m certain it’s the extended periods of sitting that are making me feel additional discomfort. This is partially due to an intense shoulder injury I had a few years ago and thought I got while canoeing, however, it was caused by my habit of hunching over my laptop in an armchair while working from home (and this was before the COVID pandemic).

Cause for action! Now is the time to rise and leave that comfy chair behind. Invest in a standing desk, purchase an office chair with tools that help you sit correctly, and make sure to keep yourself energized by frequently taking breaks throughout your day—whether it’s grabbing some water, slathering on face oil, or spritzing yourself with reviving facial spray. (I may have done all of these things but then slipped back into the temptation of sitting in my easy chair again.)

Despite not having a remedy for my muscle soreness, I’ve found that carrying out an approach on various planes really improves how I feel. Massage (self- and otherwise) is the first step in this plan, which can be further enhanced by using a warming Honey Almond Whipped Body Butter

I am addicted to honey in any shape or form. When combined with cocoa butter, it creates this warm and subtle feeling on your skin that you can feel seeping into your body—not only does it smell incredible, but it also works wonders for relaxation. I like to slather a generous amount of the mixture along my outer thigh down to my knee (to help loosen tight hamstrings), onto my shoulders and arms after a long day staring at the computer, dab some onto my wrists and feet as an instant pick-me-up, or even just inhale its scent deeply from time to time!

Before yoga class (sadly virtual these days), I love massaging a bit of this heavenly concoction right above my lower back—there is simply no limit to how much I enjoy using this magical combination!

The honey is blended with not just cocoa butter but also hand-distilled Argan oil, Shea Butter, and Avocado which makes it so special. When my back aches before yoga practice, I massage some of our magical mixture onto the affected area. It’s a great relief for other ailments like knee pain due to old skateboarding injuries or even after long flights! This dry oil works wonders when applied to damp skin too, always leaving me feeling refreshed after shaving!

As I apply the bream to my hands, their scent fills me with a feeling of invigoration and energy. After years of practicing yoga and seeing numerous students go through muscle soreness, I’ve continually sought natural alternatives for alleviating it. This oil helps me relax without any lasting side effects.

Aside from a divine massage, I also rely on my trusty Theragun. It might look like something off the set of an adult film, but it does its job efficiently. Perfect for those tense, tight muscles that refuse to cooperate! Yes, it’s pricey, but believe me when I say you will feel the difference after using this incredible device. After applying some body cream onto your skin, wait a minute or two and then take out your Theragun: pure bliss awaits!

One consistent strategy I practice to help me de-stress and restore my body is taking a hot bath. Not only does it relax my mind, but it also helps improve my overall well-being. Additionally, if I feel particularly exhausted after an intense workout or yoga class, physical education can be highly beneficial for recovery; while seaweed always comes to the rescue on days when all seems lost and nothing will do except a comforting mustard moment.

If I want to feel a sense of joy and delight, then Aromatherapy Oil is my go-to choice. Just like how many of us have multiple outfit options for different moods or occasions, why not do that with our bathtub routine too? Especially during this time when we’re staying indoors more often than usual!

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