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How To Have Long Lasting Makeup On Your Big Day

Crying tears of joy? Make sure you look your best after saying, “I Do” with this easy guide to fixing your makeup!

On your special day, you will undoubtedly experience a few happy tears and emotions. To ensure that your bridal makeup stays in place, it is essential to be prepared for any little waterworks. That’s why we have compiled these tips so that you can keep yourself looking flawless from start to finish! Follow our instructions on how to fix mineral makeup after crying, and everything else will fall into place.

Invest in water resistant formulas for superior protection!

To avoid smudging and streaks on your face, reach for a water-resistant mascara! It’s an easy rule to remember – so don’t forget it.

Cut off your tears before they can flow.

When your tears begin to flow, it can be a natural reaction to wipe away the moisture near your lower lash line. However, doing so will likely only exacerbate the issue. To prevent this dilemma from arising altogether and maintain picture-perfect makeup all day long, remember to blot any accumulation of water at the inner corner of your eyes before they have a chance to travel down towards the cheeks or nose area. If you happen to find yourself with dampness around the lashes after all that crying – simply let them dry off on their own without rubbing! Doing so may result in dark circles beneath your eyes as well as an uneven complexion surrounding them – not ideal for those wedding pictures! Therefore make sure you come prepared by stuffing some tissues into pockets if available (or ask one of bridesmaids) ahead of timefor emergencies like these!

Refresh your skin and feel the chill!

Don’t let your skin become red and irritated when you cry! Try the pretty cry technique to minimize puffiness. To further cool down the skin, spritz yourself with a hydrating facial mist. Wait for it to dry before applying any additional makeup – then bask in soft, supple skin!

Gently apply powder to the skin using a soft, absorbent sponge.

For a seamless finish, keep Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation and blush in your handbag for application on the go. Carefully press powder onto uneven skin using a dense makeup sponge to create an even canvas. Afterwards, use the clean side of the same sponge to pat and blend some color into areas that need more definition. Remember: less is always more! If you detect any texture created by the powder foundation, simply spritz with hydrating mist until it all blends together effortlessly.

Neutralize redness for a flawless complexion.

Following a bout of tears, your eyes may be looking red and tired. Fortunately, with just one simple step you can diminish this! Reach for an eyeliner in either nude or peach shade and apply it along the waterline to erase any evidence of redness while also illuminating that area. Taking only minutes to fix up after tearful episodes, this product will make all the difference in brightening up those peepers!

Arm yourself with the right tools.

Make sure you’re always prepared for any bridal beauty mishaps by having an emergency kit ready. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials – better safe than sorry!

From cotton swabs to Advil, no beauty bag is complete without these must-have items: Water Resistant Mascara, Lipstick, Blush, Pressed Powder, a Makeup Sponge and Blending Brush for flawless application of your makeup look. Don’t forget the essentials like Eyeliner and Tissues as well as Eye Drops in case you need them!

As a bride, you must prepare for any situation that may arise. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, consider investing in a touch-up kit to provide you with reassurance during the hectic day ahead!

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