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The Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Kit

Aging can be an unwelcome reminder that my mane is no longer like it used to be. So how can I help restore and take care of my hair as I get older?

We tend to not pay much heed to the advances of our hair until it suddenly shifts in texture or hue. As youngsters, our locks have a glossy and lively appearance; however, with time (and multiple styling treatments), they get rougher and more lackluster. It’s easy for us to look older than we are if we don’t take good care of our hair!

No matter the cause—be it age-related or due to excessive heat styling, color treatments, or chemical damage—dull hair can be restored. Contrary to what many might think, restoring luster and bounce is not only possible but also relatively easy. Grey hair tends to have a coarser texture than other types of hair (find out more about that below). With the right products in hand, you’re well on your way towards achieving healthy-looking locks!

Start With the Fundamentals, and Don’t Forget to Add a Bit of Biotin

To make sure your hair, skin, and nails look their best, a daily multivitamin is key! Specifically, one that contains Biotin, Iron, and Zinc – these nutrients are necessary for the growth of cells that form these components. This way, you can not only improve your overall health but also give yourself the beauty boost you need so that you can feel confident in yourself from head to toe.

If we don’t get enough essential vitamins and nutrients, our bodies have to choose between sustaining muscle activity and growing healthy hair. To make sure both occur simultaneously, a high-quality complete multivitamin is the simplest solution. This way, you can ensure that your body has everything it needs for all of its functions!

Add Texture and Shine to Your Hair

If you’re after glossy, voluminous hair that people can’t help but notice, then this pre-shampoo serum is the answer. I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself and saw immediate results – my hair was noticeably shinier with a fantastic texture! It’s like having a golden ticket to beautiful locks without any additional effort—all you have to do is use this serum before shampooing your hair.

Ever noticed how when your hair feels like straw, it looks equally as dry and lifeless? To combat this issue, I love using a 100% Pure ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo. Not only does it make my hair look and feel luxurious but hydrated too!

Practical, Proven Advice from Hairdressers Everywhere

Right before you turn off the tap, switch to cold water and douse your hair with it. I can’t stand this step so much that I rarely do it, but experts in the beauty world swear by its ability to make your mane look sleek and glossy.

After you finish showering, it is essential to use conditioner. I start conditioning around my chin or ears area as I have long tresses, however, adjust accordingly depending on the length of your hair. This leave-in product that has vitamin C and biotin extracts will bring life back into your locks; ensure to brush it through with a top quality brush for an invigorating scalp massage that detangles effortlessly!

With Curly Hair, You’ll Look Youthful and Vibrant for Longer—as Long as You Don’t Straighten It

From the bends and curves to the different angles of light they yield, curls are much less damaging than straightened strands. But if you choose to style your hair with both coloring and heat-styling tools, double the damage! Regardless of age, emphasize nourishing treatments like moisturizing oils or silicifying serums for maximum effects.

Protect your tresses with the right heat tools. If you decide to air dry, be sure to finish the top layer by straightening it with a Lucea 1.5″ Professional Straightening at 365 degrees Fahrenheit- this is just the right temperature for maximum results with minimal damage. To get wavier or curlier looks, apply a similar technique: Air-dry it until almost done, then blow-dry briefly or simply let it air out before curling it up!

In addition to this, you can also embrace your natural texture! To inspire yourself and make it easier, simply find a gorgeous celebrity who has hair that looks like yours naturally.

No Matter the Texture of Your Hair, Take Control of Frizz

Is older hair necessarily more prone to frizz? While this is a debatable point, the likely answer is yes. If your strands are particularly damaged and brittle, then you can expect an increase in flyaways and unruliness. Fortunately, though, there are several methods of minimizing or eliminating these issues; such as using ultra-moisturizing products or avoiding damage altogether. You may even consider incorporating additional steps into your daily routine for extra protection against frizz!

For beautiful, frizz-free hair during the summer months, start with a fantastic anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. To finish off your perfect look, apply their revolutionary Repair Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower. Additionally, don’t forget to spritz on some Frizz Block Smoothing Spray for extra shine! With these products, you’ll have gorgeous curls without any of that pesky humidity-induced frizz.

Surprisingly, the kind of towel you use to dry your hair can have a significant impact on frizz. Standard towels tend to roughen up and agitate the cuticle of your strands when full-strength drying is done—not cool! On the other hand, using quick-drying microfiber towels promotes smoothness and reduces fraying; I’m so obsessed with their results that I bring them along when traveling. Give it a try for yourself—you’ll be amazed at what improved hydration does for taming unwanted fuzz.

When you have finished showering, delicately wrap your hair in a towel and twist it up. Leave the towel on for a few minutes so that it can absorb your moisture. When ready, carefully unwind the tower from around your head—or, if preferred, use a turban instead. If there is ever such an event of great importance to attend, paper towels also make excellent water absorbers!

Remember: The brush can be your worst enemy when it comes to frizz. Whenever possible, resist brushing! Every stroke releases more air into your hair strands, resulting in a big ol’ flop of fuzz. Personally, I restrict myself to only one session with my beloved detangling comb per wash day—and then avoid that bristly beast until the next time around.

Regularly Invigorating Your Scalp Can Help You Maintain Visibly Youthful Hair

Did you know that brushing your hair 100 times before bed is recommended? This approach not only distributes the natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair, but it also purportedly promotes a healthy scalp and encourages hair growth. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence available on this matter, many experts agree with its effectiveness.

While it may seem excessive, the amount of strokes you should use ultimately comes down to your hair. However, a piece of advice that many hair professionals tend to suggest is giving yourself a scalp massage while in the shower—just like what would be done at the salon!

This is something I take into consideration, as not only does it feel amazing, but there are also special shampoos available for this, such as salt scrub shampoo, which contains large chunks of salt, and luxurious whipped foam moisturizing shampoo. Truly, nothing compares to having a head massage with this kind of product.

Silk Is the Key to Having Nourished and Stunningly Beautiful Hair

Wearing a hair tie is often uncomfortable, as it can leave an unsightly dent in your locks and even cause breakage or loss of strands. That’s why these chic black silk ties will be your answer to any slippage problems; they hold tight without compromising the health of your mane!

Ensure the longevity and health of your style while also giving yourself an extra boost and softer-looking skin by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Not only will you protect yourself from frizz, breakage, and damage, but you’ll wake up feeling refreshed as well!

Achieve a Glossy, Frizz-Free Look With the Perfect Styler

Experimenting with different products is the only way to determine what works best for you. Perhaps a little hair oil will bring out your tresses’ natural sheen, or perhaps a light cream would be better? Start small. Rub some product between your hands and run it through the tips of your strands. For more coverage, lightly glide over the top of your locks and start working further down as needed. With patience comes perfection!

How Do We Handle Grey Hair?

Although many of us are guilty of it, coloring our hair can really be detrimental to its health. Not only that, permanent hair color contains some of the most harmful chemicals allowed in beauty products, and contrary to popular belief, black and brown shades actually contain more dangerous ingredients than blondes! That’s why it’s important that we take extra precautions when choosing a dye for our locks: nothing beats having natural-looking, luscious colored tresses without any risk or harm done!

Grey hair can be an elegant look, but if you’d rather not have it, there are plenty of choices. By selecting PPD-free formulas with low permanence, you can keep away from the most troublesome chemicals. Amazing brush-on powdered eye shadows for the hair offered by Color Wow will do wonders, and the SuperHair supplement, made up of high-potency B vitamins and biotin, is known to support healthy pigment levels over time!

Avoid Dyeing Your Entire Head of Hair

If you’re looking to cover up your grey or other roots, use permanent hair color solely for that purpose. Even if the shade is as dark as black, bleaching still takes place when coloring over existing pigments. This can be damaging and lead to flatness and a lack of shine in the long run. To avoid this damage, only focus on the areas where greys tend to pop out; mainly around your face area since it’s more visible there. By doing so, you’ll be exposing yourself to fewer chemicals while preserving the health of your hair at the same time!

Using temporary color is advantageous as it deposits vibrant hues without the fading or damage that permanent coloring can cause. A great combo to try out is to dye your roots while pampering your ends and lengths with a hair mask, oil, or serum—just make sure not to mix up the two formulas when you’re rinsing them off though! Applying oil right after coloring may strip away some of the vibrancy of the shade you’ve chosen.

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