The Best Concealer for Your 30s (and 50s) 

Safe and Non-toxic Concealer

Even though my coworker and I have a twenty-year age gap, diverse skin tones, and varying imperfections to cover up (blemishes on her end while dark circles take center stage with me), we both saw remarkable results after trying out this new concealer. It worked impeccably for us both!

Concealer is our go-to choice over foundation, as too much makeup can make us appear worse than the skin imperfections we are attempting to mask. Showing more of our real, bare (but with SPF) skin gives us a better sense of how attractive we look. Here’s the best way to apply any concealer!

This Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits is a must-have in any beauty routine. It comes with an elegant mirrored compact, and its creamy base of shea butter and rosehip oil provides nourishment as you blend it into your skin. It has buildable pigmentation to provide full coverage yet feels lightweight on the skin; plus, the stunning range of shades from alpine rose to toffe are sure to cater to every complexion! You can even apply this product using either a brush or your fingers for impeccably flawless results.

How to Use It in Your 50s

The dark circles underneath my eyes can make me look worn out, so I apply concealer carefully to the inner and outer corners of my eye area. The trick is: only use it in places where you need extra coverage!

This concealer is the lightest I have ever tried, yet it has incredibly fast blending capabilities. It doesn’t require much work—just a few touches of my brush, and it covers up any dark circles or blemishes within seconds! My routine for putting on makeup is easier than ever with this product—no more hours spent trying to get even coverage. Not only does it make me look more awake but also brighter-faced overall; I genuinely could not be happier with this find!

How to Use It in Your 30s

My coworker adores having a dewy, tropical-inspired look, so she always makes sure to cover herself in face oil. This hydrating blend of shea butter and rosehip oil is ideal for achieving the perfect complexion! Despite this indulgence in hydration, she still battles with blemishes that stubbornly transform into dark spots—an inevitable occurrence for those with darker skin tones.

She always feels her best when she wears minimal makeup, but a touch of color is necessary to really enhance her features. The creamy formula glides onto the skin effortlessly and leaves her feeling like it’s barely there! Additionally, its compact design eliminates any mess that may be caused by clunky sticks while also allowing me to use as little or as much product as needed. To top off this must-have item, a sprinkle of stars adorns the lid, creating an extra bit of sparkle each time she uses it!

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