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Trade-in Your Cleanser for a Cleaner Option

Upgrade Your Cleansing Routine

Although I’m in love with the softness my ordinary oil cleanser gives me, I would much rather have a clean and nontoxic substitute. To date, all of the non-toxic options that I’ve tried didn’t live up to their claims; they felt more like thick olive oil on my face and were far too challenging to wash off! Is there an organic cleanser out there that is both moisturizing for the skin and easy to rinse away?

Oil cleansers are my absolute favorite for all skin types, even oily ones! Oil-based skincare not only gets rid of makeup residue and dirt on your face but also helps maintain the essential moisture barrier that is disrupted when you utilize detergents. And no matter how satisfying it may feel to have a foamy lather while washing your face, isn’t it so much better knowing you are using something natural?

But I agree, many oil cleansers—conventional or clean – don’t do the job. For me, Tata Harper is the ultimate oil cleanser that gets a perfect 10/10. It’s made with such love up on her Vermont farm, where I had the pleasure of witnessing how it was all brought together by blending and melting in one big blender! While herbs steeped into oils on shelves around us and filled the air with a warm, honey-ish aroma, it truly felt like magic.

An opulent combination of shea, jojoba, apricot kernel, and calendula oils blended with butter results in skin that is as soft as a baby’s bottom! Not to mention the aroma it exudes: moisturizing, velvety, and luxurious. Cleansing this off your body is effortless; simply rinse it away with water for smooth, supple skin.

On top of all its benefits, the product is packaged in a large, beautiful pump bottle made from thick green glass. It looks great on any sink or shower! I have one set up in both spots and use it with my Clarisonic brush while showering, which was something I thought might be too much for my skin at first.

However, using an oil cleanser with a Clarisonic turns out to do wonders for your skin! If you’re worried about residual oil being left behind after cleansing, just wash your brush off afterward with soap or shampoo—this method works miracles every time.

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