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Traveling With Liquids

Ensure your next journey goes smoothly with these TSA Liquid Rules for traveling!

You’ve almost certainly been in this situation before: frantically cramming small containers of shampoo and moisturizers into a Ziploc, trying to remember the precise amount allowed by TSA as you anxiously wait for your flight. Don’t risk being that passenger who is subjected to an intrusive luggage search this holiday season. To avoid potential headaches, plan ahead and pack properly so your travels can be stress-free!

Put that sandwich baggie to rest and take advantage of the TSA’s allowance for a quart-sized carry-on bag full of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes! You can bring up to 3.4 ounces (100 mL) per bottle—which is much more than you’d expect—so make sure to double check the fill claim on your products. 100% Pure skin care line includes moisturizers, masks, exfoliants, and sunscreens so they all fit within those regulations; now it’s just a matter of fitting them into one container…

Makeup addicts, rejoice! Despite having to include liquid makeup products such as liquid eyeliner and nail polish in your quart-sized bag, there is a silver lining. Consider packing powder foundation instead of its liquid counterpart – it takes up less space but packs the same punch. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind that favorite gloss; keep it tucked away safely within your purse. Not all liquids are forbidden on travels afterall!

Rejoice! You and all your fellow travelers can feel relieved knowing that stick deodorant, powder and crystal forms of antiperspirant are small enough to fit bag-free into any luggage. So you never have to worry about making the tough decision on what stays or goes when packing at the last minute – antiperspirants will always be a safe choice.

As you journey through security, make sure to snatch your liquids pouch from your carry-on and send it down the conveyor belt. To facilitate a speedy passageway through security, try putting all of your liquid items in an external pocket so that you can quickly grab them without causing any delays. Although this was effortless for you this time around – who knows? Maybe TSA agents were impressed enough by how organized you are that they’ve given you permission to never walk through security again! One could only wish…


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