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Learn What Makeup To Carry On Your Next Trip

Make Packing Beauty Essentials Easier with These Carry-On Travel Makeup Tips!

Ready to take off? Airline travel can be a bit of a nuisance these days due to security screenings, flight delays and baggage fees. Sure, checked luggage might make packing slightly easier but it usually comes with an extra fee attached. Therefore, planning ahead is key! If you plan on bringing makeup along for the ride (or any other type of carry-on items), make sure they are compliant with TSA regulations so that your travels remain stress free.

Limit the Amount of Liquids You Carry

Trying to squeeze all the cosmetics you need for a trip into a tiny quart-sized bag can be very difficult. To make it easier, switch out your usual liquid base or tinted moisturizer with mineral powder foundation that won’t take up much room in your TSA compliant container. Mascara and lip gloss are not required to go inside the small clear bag so you don’t have to worry about cutting those items from the packing list! Overall, investing in some travel sized containers is essential if you want an easy way of keeping within TSA rules while still having access to all beauty products necessary for your journey.

Secure Your Liquids

To ensure your liquids won’t create a mess while in transit, be sure to secure each lid with either tape or an elastic band. This precaution applies both to what you carry on the plane and your checked luggage. When air pressure changes during flight, it can cause lids to pop open; so make sure they are securely fastened before boarding! If packing liquid items is too troublesome for you, just leave them behind and purchase whatever necessary upon arrival at your destination.

Pack Palettes – The Perfect Portable Companion for Every Adventurer!

If you are a makeup enthusiast who enjoys having an array of eye shadow colors, but hates the idea of lugging around several bulky containers in your cosmetics bag – palettes are what you need! You can choose to opt for neutral shades or add some pizzazz with vibrant single shadows. For added protection against any possible damages during transit, we recommend that all your palettes be kept on board as checked bags may be manhandled and no one wants shattered eyeshadow dusting their clothes!

Maximize your makeup routine by investing in multi-purpose products! 

Slim down your travel makeup bag by using products with multiple uses. For example, a tinted primer can act as both foundation and color pigment, allowing you to eliminate the need for an extra step. Lipstick makes for gorgeous cream blush – just dab it on the apples of your cheeks and lightly blend with your fingers! Sheer shades in rose, mauve or berry look best when applied this way.

Pack Light and Smart – Travel Size Tools are the Way to Go!

Durable travel size tools such as miniature brush sets and sample sizes of cosmetics can make traveling a breeze. Moreover, why carry every single tool for your look when many items can serve dual purposes? For example, a blush brush doubles up nicely as powder brush while an eyeliner brush serves just fine to groom brows. Travel smarter by streamlining what you pack with multi-functioning beauty solutions!

Get Ready and Pack Simultaneously!

Don’t stress about which makeup to bring on your flight – save packing it until the morning of. Simply go through your regular routine, and as you do, decide what must come with you and what can stay home. With lipstick in particular, although we would love to have a range of shades options in our bag for any possible occasion, realistically only one or two will be worn throughout the entire trip. So opt for an everyday neutral plus one daring shade instead! It may seem difficult at first since beauty fanatics usually carry plenty of products around – but try looking at this challenge as something fun instead!


Wave goodbye to your makeup bag and embrace the beauty of being bare-skinned! Give priority to travel size skincare items instead, allowing them to be your saving grace in any environment.

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