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Try All-Natural Hair Color with Non-Toxic Formulas

No Harmful Toxins of Traditional Dyes

Fear no more; I have found the perfect solution to my hair color worries. With dark brown locks that are already starting to turn grey, I’ve been hesitant to take the plunge and add some vibrant hues—but with toxin-free options now available, there’s nothing holding me back! My search is over—a clean and healthy alternative exists for all of us looking for effortless ways to spruce up our style.

When I created a blog post about hair color, there didn’t seem to be any solutions. And naturally, black and brown colors are filled with toxins; so giving up my favorite shade was completely out of the question—growing old gracefully isn’t for me! But hold on, amazing news is here!

When I recently received a brown-cardboard kit from a Silicon Valley company—Hair Print True Color Restorer—claiming to have solved the issue of hair color toxicity, I was intrigued. Every time my roots became more visible, I considered giving it a try, but that thought quickly subsided as fear crept in about whether or not the product would work and potentially dye my hair an undesirable shade. In retrospect, taking risks with something as important to me as my physical appearance seemed far scarier than any health risk combined!

I was fortunate enough to meet my hairdresser at the warm and luxurious salon in the West Village, where he works whenever he visits New York City. After applying an excessive amount of pitch-black hair dye to my head, I could practically envision myself resembling Elvira (the famous horror movie character).

To make matters worse, a voice inside me warned that if nothing goes as planned, this experience might result in multiple trips to different colorists, with each one shaking their head sadly while saying: “Unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait for it all to grow out.” As I imagined how agonizingly long this process would be; visions of dark, glossy black shades mixed with flat, dead-black tones along with patches of orange filled my mind.

As we waited for the color to set, I watched as the hairdresser dipped her finger into a pot of hair dye and actually ate it like chocolate pudding. Astonishingly enough, this concoction was safe enough that she could forego lunch! At this point, concerns began flooding my mind—was the hour-long wait really necessary? What would happen if regular color couldn’t be applied on top of it?

After the first hue application was washed away, he applied a second layer, and we had to wait another 15 minutes before washing it out. To my dismay, everyone at the salon was insistent on blow-drying my locks in anticipation of how amazing it would look—and they weren’t wrong! The color came out perfectly; glossy with lots of dimensions, no grays whatsoever. Even after numerous showers, the same gorgeousness remains true—he only recolored my roots, so this marvelous blend is even more outstanding!

We were all incredibly curious; allow me to summarize the answers for you here:

  • Getting all the highlights you want is absolutely possible.
  • It’s here to stay.
  • Currently, this revolutionary product is specially formulated to restore the original color of brown or black hair. In other words, it helps you reclaim your natural hue before graying sets in!
  • Sit Still Salon in Venice, CA; Experience Salon in San Francisco; and Whittemore House Salon in New York City are some salons that offer this unique experience.
  • Many people prefer to completely erase the signs of gray hair from their heads, just like I did. Others choose to leave a few strands here and there for a more natural look.
  • A pioneering chemist had an ingenious idea for a process based on his experimentation with certain color-changing insects. The treatment utilizes the same protein your body produces to create hair, eye, and skin pigmentation. Thus, it isn’t pigment from dye; it’s essentially an application of proteins that eliminates grey strands and brings back your pre-grey look – nothing short of a miracle!

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